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6SAB : AS/A level Biology

Course Details

Location: Brockenhurst College - Main Site
Duration: 2 Years
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Course description:

The world is currently undergoing a biological revolution! With modern advances in molecular biology, scientists have been able to make significant advances in genetics, medicine, agriculture and biotechnology. As a result topics like genetic engineering are rarely out of the news.Studying Biology will give you a greater understanding of traditional areas of biology and these topical issues.

Course content:

Within the AS course you will study many basic concepts in biology including:
Chemical elements and molecules
Cells and transport
DNA and genetic information
Evolutionary relatedness
Gas exchange
Reproduction and nutrition

The A2 course will build on the AS modules and topics that are covered include:
NervesGenetics and inheritance

Teaching methods:

Learning will be structured so that a variety of teaching methods will be used. These include theory lessons, practical lessons, group work and independent research. There will also be use of e-learning resources.

Course assessment:

AS level - 2 exam papers, each worth 20%. Practical assignment 10%.
A2 level - 2 exam papers each worth 20%. Practical assignment worth 10% of total marks.

Entry requirements:

For success in this subject you need to have interest, enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard. You will be expected to have a good set of GCSE grades. Grade BB or above in Core Science and Additional Science or B in Biology, and B in one other Science GCSE. Grade B or above in GCSE Maths and B in English Language or Literature. For those who are intending to continue with Biology studies after AS level, we would strongly recommend that you also take Chemistry, or at least another Science or Mathematics AS level.

Progression opportunities:

Biology is a specified subject for some Higher Education courses. It is accepted by the Russell group universities as a traditional subject. With Chemistry and/or other Sciences, it forms an excellent foundation for those wishing to follow a career in biology, medicine, agriculture, pharmacy, environmental science, behavioural sciences, ecology, marine biology, teaching, biochemistry, physiotherapy, forensics, veterinary science or dentistry and also for non-scientific careers as it provides many transferrable skills.A Level Biology can be combined with the Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care.

Additional information:

Cost: You will be expected to purchase the course textbook (approx. cost £20 per year) and you may also be required to contribute costs for relevant trips e.g. ecology field courses, revision conferences etc. (approx. cost £10-£30 per trip) and learning materials. Although these trips will be optional, we would highly recommend that all students participate on this course. Other resources e.g. revision guides, Biological Sciences Review magazine, will be available to purchase.

Qualifications gained from this course:

  • GCE A2 Level Biology
    Welsh Joint Education Committee
  • GCE AS Level in Biology
    Welsh Joint Education Committee

How to apply

Apply online now

or print and complete an application form then post to:

Student Admissions
Brockenhurst College
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SO42 7ZE

If you require assistance please call 01590 625555

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