Providing for all potential users

“All potential users” includes users with disabilities, users with impaired vision or blindness, users with older computers, slower internet connections or using new mobile technology such as phones. Such users can find browsing the internet a challenge.

We want everyone who is interested in Brockenhurst College to be able to access the information they are looking for and we have designed this website to make that as easy as possible.

We have taken care to ensure that this site complies with the latest web standards, your guarantee that this site is as well built as possible.

We recommend you upgrade your web browser to one which fully supports current web standards. Find out more about Google Chrome




Building good accessibility into the website also means this website:

  • Has improved page-rendering speeds
  • Works in a wide range of web browsers including screen readers and mobile devices
  • Semantically structured pages
  • Scalable text size, with scalable layout
  • Every page displays clearly with Javascript, Flash and/or CSS disabled
  • Clear printing every time
  • Works on the majority of internet enabled mobile devices

These features are achieved though using standards based XHTML/CSS/Javascript code, with an “em” based layout and multiple stylesheets.

If you have an accessibility problem or suggestion that we have not covered, please contact us at