All you need to know about College in September

All you need to know about College in September

We are really excited to welcome you in September, so we have put much of the relevant information to help you get prepared for College on this webpage.

It will take you through the enrolment process, give you details about the start of term, how to get to College, what the College day looks like and give you information about the changes we have made as part of our COVID-19 response to ensure that we keep you safe when you are at College and allow us to be flexible going forward should the situation change.


Enrolment this year will mostly be done online and via the phone through our new enrolment portal. Here is the timeline for enrolment:

By 17th July

You will receive an email from us with a personalised link to the enrolment portal which will contain your enrolment appointment.

Please confirm your enrolment appointment as soon as possible. You can also complete a few other tasks straight away as well, such as confirming we have your correct contact details, uploading your photograph (for your College ID badge), providing proof of identification and telling us if your medical information has changed.

If you are not able to make your enrolment appointment, then don’t worry, let us know and we can rebook this for a different day.

If for any reason you have not received this by Monday 20th July, please contact and we will get this sent out to you.

20th August

GCSE Results Day

The big day has arrived. You may not have been able to take your exams this year, but you have worked hard. So whatever your results, take some time to celebrate.

The next thing you need to do is send us your GCSE results.

It is very important we have your results before your enrolment appointment, so you will need to photograph each page of your GCSE results and upload these to the enrolment portal.

21st – 25th August

Main Enrolment

Your enrolment appointment will be for either the morning or afternoon of one of the dates above. A member of staff will contact you by phone, to discuss and confirm your courses and answer any other questions or queries you may have. Enrolment appointments generally take between 15 and 30 minutes.

If you want to change your programme or haven’t quite got the grades you need then we’ll ensure that you speak to a specialist advisor who will be able to help you, and run you through the options you have got. If you want to come in to speak with us instead, you can, just ask through the enrolment portal and we’ll get that set up for you.

If you want to change your programme or your results aren’t quite what you were expecting, don’t panic. You’ll be able to request to speak with one of our team of specialist advisors who will talk you through the options available to you.

If you want more information about travel or student finance, you’ll also be able to request to speak with one of the team too.

After your enrolment appointment

Once you have completed your enrolment appointment we will complete your details and the next day send you your enrolment form and code of conduct to digitally sign. Parents will need to sign the consent forms for College trips. Once that’s all done you are officially a student at Brock. Welcome aboard.

Pre-induction activities

There will still be a few days before you start so we will send you some pre-induction activities which you will need to complete before the start of term. These are part of our ‘passport to study’ programme which will help you get to know how things work at College, and get you ready to get back to study again.

Parents, you will be sent your registration details for our parents’ portal. Please take the time to sign up – this is how we send out most of the information to you.

Induction and start of term

If you are a new student, or an existing student progressing to a new course, then your induction day will be either Friday 4th or Monday 7th September. Which day you will attend will depend on your individual programme, so we will contact you a few days before to let you know.

Normal classes will commence Tuesday 8th September.

  • Induction day for beauty students studying at Ultima Academy is Friday 4th September.
  • Induction day for students studying at the Marchwood Skills Centre is Monday 7th September.
  • For returning students starting the second year of their course, start of term will be Tuesday 8th September.

The College day and your timetable

We are making a few changes for September as part of our COVID-19 response, which are detailed in another section below, but here are the answers to the three questions we know you are asking…

Do I come to College every day?

We’ve changed the structure of the College day for 20/21 as part of our COVID-19 response, and will be including blended learning as part of every student’s programme. This means you won’t attend at College every day, but you will have more classes on the days you do attend and you will also have a number of timetabled remote learning sessions each week.

Almost every students’ timetable is different, but a typical student timetable will consist of:

  • 1 day of timetabled, remote learning, normally on a Monday.
  • Attendance on campus for classes on 2 or 3 days each week.

The actual number of days in College will depend upon an individual’s particular programme of study.

Our learning resources centre is available for students to study every day, from 9:00am until 5:00pm including holidays.

How long is the College day?

The college day has also changed a little for 20/21 and the timings for the beginning of the Autumn term are:

Brockenhurst Main Campus: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Marchwood Skills Centre: 9:00am – 3:30pm

Ultima Beauty Academy: 10:00am – 4:00pm

When do I get my timetable?

We will issue you with your timetable when you come in for your induction day on either 4th or 7th September. Returning students will be able to access their timetables via the student portal from 1:00pm on Friday 4th September.


Starting college is a big (but exciting) step, but this year even more so as you haven’t been at school since March. We know that you might be a little anxious about starting.

Rest assured we are with you every step of the way. We provide lots of support to help you settle into College. You will meet your student support manager during your first few days who will be your ‘go to’ person for your time at College and we will introduce you to all the support available to help you through any challenges you might have so you can get the best out of your time at College and settling back in after being out of school.

Getting to College

The majority of our students travel to the College by rail or bus.

Brockenhurst Main Campus

By Rail:

Brockenhurst railway station is about 7 minutes walk from the main Brockenhurst College campus. There are frequent trains in both the Bournemouth and Southampton directions, and it is less than 20 minutes travel time to both these stations.

Since its introduction last year, the most economical way to purchase tickets if under 18 is to purchase a ’16-17 saver’ railcard. This costs £30 and provides 50% discount off the cost of travel. These are not available through the College, and the railcard and tickets must be bought direct.

The link to the railcard website is here:

By Bus:

The College runs an extensive network of buses which serve the main campus. Routes and prices for 20/21 will be published by the middle of July. Full details are available on the travel section of our website here:

Part of our COVID-19 response involves changes to our timetable which will mean that students will not be attending College every day. As such we will be reducing the cost of bus passes proportionately and this will mean that the overall cost of travelling to Brock will be lower as students will only pay for the number of days they will be travelling in to College.

Passes will be sold on a half-termly basis, as we will be reviewing the structure of the timetable regularly in line with Government guidance.

Marchwood Construction & Marine Technologies Centre

Changes to our timetable mean that for 20/21 we will no longer be running a connecting bus service from Brockenhurst main campus to Marchwood.

Instead, the College will operate a connecting bus service from Totton railway station for students. Marchwood is also served by local bus services, for those students living in the waterside and surrounding areas. Full details of travel options for Marchwood can be found in the travel section of our website.

Note: Students who also need to study English or Mathematics in addition to their main programme at Marchwood will do this at the Brockenhurst main campus. Access by rail is straightforward, and students can access the College bus services for travel to main site if applicable.

Ultima Academy of Health, Beauty & Complementary Therapies

The Ultima Academy in New Milton is about a 15 minute walk from New Milton railway station.

Students are able to use the College bus services to travel to Brockenhurst College main site and take the connecting train service to New Milton, which is two stops. The timing of the College day at Ultima is designed to allow students to do this.

Note: Students who also need to study English or Mathematics in addition to their main programme at Ultima will do this at the Brockenhurst main campus.

Financial Support

The College is able to offer financial support for students from low income households. This comes in the form of a bursary to help with travel and essential course costs. Free College meals are also available for those who are eligible.

There are also other bursaries available for adult learners and vulnerable learners or those living independently. Full details can be found on the College bursaries webpage:

Our COVID-19 response, what changes are we making?

The Department of Education published guidance in early July outlining the plans for the full reopening of schools and colleges in September.

We have been planning for the new academic year for some time and we are looking forward to welcoming our new and returning students safely back to campus. Some of the measures we have established include:

Remote enrolment and settling into study

We have developed a new enrolment portal to allow students to enrol remotely online and by phone. If students wish to come in to College to enrol, we are making this available too, as we know that in some cases students will want to talk through options in person rather than remotely.

We will also be providing our new students with a ‘passport to study’ programme on enrolment to help them prepare for restarting their studies, and all students will have a three week settling in period at the start of term so that we can put in place any catch up support they might need.

A COVID-19 responsive timetable

We will commence the new academic year with a revised timetable structure, which will enable us to provide a flexible blended learning approach. This will allow us to carefully manage the overall number of students on site on any given day, whilst maintaining a high level of in-class learning.

It will also ensure that our students are completely comfortable with our remote learning platforms, should any future episodes of lockdown be imposed or any student needs to go into self-isolation. We have had excellent student and parental feedback about our remote learning capabilities over the last few months, with delivery through Microsoft Teams. New students will get their accounts after they enrol.

The key features of our responsive timetable are:

  • The College cohort will be split in two and taught on different days to limit interaction between the two ‘bubbles’.

  • Most students will have one day of fully timetabled remote learning, with two or three full days on campus for lessons.

  • Our aim is to keep the overall teaching and learning time at the same level as if students were in College over five days. There may be some slight variations to this, for some courses, such as those that are heavily practical or for students at Marchwood.
  • The timetable structure will allow us to be fully flexible if Government guidance changes going forward, such as a further relaxation of the rules, or a more stringent lockdown period is required.

The College day

The College day at Brockenhurst Main Campus will start later at 9.30am. The later start is specifically to allow our students travelling by train to travel in later in the morning thus avoiding the peak periods and reducing the number of students arriving at the same time. We will also have staggered break and lunchtimes.

College bus services

The split of our student cohort, as described above, will also mean reduced numbers of students taking our bus services on a daily basis. We are working closely with our bus company to ensure that all safety guidelines are met with regard to social distancing and capacity.

During the enrolment period we will be asking all students how they intend to travel to us. This is to ensure that we can provide sufficient capacity to meet the appropriate guidelines.

A COVID-19 secure place to study and work

We have worked hard to ensure that we have met Public Health England and Department for Education guidelines to ensure that we are COVID-19 secure. This includes many of the things that we see in shops and businesses such as hand sanitiser stations, perspex screens, social distance signage, and one-way systems. In addition, we will be configuring classrooms and workshops to support social distancing. We will have an on-site team of cleaners to clean and sanitise toilet facilities, classrooms and public spaces on a rota basis throughout the day.

Personal Protective Equipment

All staff and students will have PPE and associated guidance, which can be issued to them for use around the College and when travelling if they so wish.

I do hope that this helps to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to make September a safe, secure and pleasurable experience for our students and that they can start to re-engage with their education following the interruptions that we have all experienced over the last few months.

The full Government guidance can be found here:

All of this information is correct as of the second week of July 2020. At the time of writing there is still two months to the beginning of term. Two months is a long time in our new COVID-19 world, and if guidance changes during this time we will ensure that we adapt our plans and approach to meet current requirements.

We look forward to seeing you all in September.

Students on front lawn during the summer

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