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Course introduction

Expert handling of statistical data yields insights that shape the way we will live our lives in the future.

In fact, it is becoming a key skill in a world where the amount of data being collected is rising exponentially year-on-year.

As a result, the ability to collect, sort, analyse, interpret and present data is becoming steadily more important right across the global economy.

This work leads to greater efficiency and improved stakeholder satisfaction, unlocking bigger profits for business and smarter spending for government departments, among many other things. 

A Level Statistics is an increasingly sought-after qualification that can support you in whatever you choose to do next.

It will also give you an important life skill that will enable you to make better-informed decisions.

Why choose Brock for Statistics A Level?

At Brock Statistics is taught by the same highly experienced and dedicated team of teachers who teach A Level Maths and Further Maths.

You will learn in dedicated, high-quality teaching rooms at our new state-of-the-art STEM Centre.

These rooms include a range of traditional and high-tech teaching technologies to support your learning.

If you need extra help or want to push yourself further, you can attend extra workshops and/or use our quiet study area.

Teaching & learning

Theoretical elements will be supplemented by a range of real-life examples, from day-to-day decision-making through to topical subjects.

You will soon appreciate that there is virtually no end to data that can be used for topic-based calculations.

Course structure

· Understand the application of techniques within the framework of the ‘statistical enquiry cycle’.
· Investigate research methodologies used in experiments and surveys.
· Apply statistical techniques to data sourced from a variety of contexts using several different sampling techniques.
· Generate and interpret graphs and diagrams used in performing statistical investigations.
· Explore how multivariate data are used to gain an insight into how they interact in real-life situations.
· Develop skills in interpreting and critically evaluating methods used in statistical problem-solving

Minimum entry requirements

English grade 5; Maths grade 6

What can I do with this qualification?

A Level Statistics is a highly relevant qualification that can support you in higher level study or employment.

Importantly, this qualification can play an invaluable supporting role if you choose to pursue a career or further study in areas such as biology, geography and social sciences. Naturally, it can also lead to further study in Statistics.

An A Level in Statistics will also show universities and employers that you have the ability to collect, interpret and present data.

These skills are required in many lines of work. For example, financial institutions use data analysts to predict the likelihood of major events occurring on global markets.

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  • Every teacher I had was extremely friendly, treated me like an adult and would do everything they could to help me. They would be happy to see me in free periods and they were always so patient.

    Gabriel Turner

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