Applied Law Level 3 Extended Certificate

Sixth Form

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Full Time - September 2024



Course introduction

You can explore and apply key aspects of criminal and civil law by studying this challenging but rewarding subject.

As a student you will learn how to craft strong arguments to prove that people are guilty beyond reasonable doubt in criminal cases and liable on the balance of probabilities in civil cases.

You will also learn about the various sources of law, namely common law and statute law, and how they can change.

Among other things, you will discover that the law is very precise and leaves no room for personal opinions or prejudices.

Indeed, only the law and the facts count when assessing a defendant’s guilt in a criminal court or liability in a civil court.

This programme will equip you with key transferable skills that will serve you well throughout your life and in whatever profession you choose to join.

Why choose Brock for Applied Law Level 3 Extended Certificate?

At Brock you will learn Applied Law under the guidance of a barrister and member of the Bar of England and Wales.

She is obliged to stay up to date with all the latest legal developments, which means you can have confidence that your lesson content will be relevant.

She also has a wealth of court experience from her career to date, the benefits of which she is passionate about passing on to you.

Teaching & learning

You will study various cases to understand the relevant law and how it was applied.

You will also examine the impact of judicial decisions and debate any rights and wrongs with your fellow students.

Importantly, Applied Law is a more hands-on subject than A Level Law, which means you will learn by doing as well as reading.

Course structure

  • Explore how lawyers communicate with clients through written correspondence and draft your own.
  • Examine case studies to understand the issues involved and the impact of decisions.
  • Consider current cases, looking closely at the relevant law and how it may be applied.
  • Engage in lawyer/client role play activities to better understand both perspectives.
  • Create information leaflets aimed at clients that explain court procedures.

Minimum entry requirements

Five GCSEs at grade 4 and above with a minimum average GCSE score of 4.0, including:
•    English Language
•    Maths

How will I be assessed?

This programme is modular as opposed to linear, which means you will be assessed as you go along. The course is split approximately 50/50 between coursework and exams.

What can I do with this qualification?

Applied Law provides a fundamental introduction to the legal field that will support progress to Higher Education and/or apprenticeships and ultimately employment in the legal or business sector.

Having this qualification on your CV will prove you have the skills to cope with independent academic learning. This certificate also represents an opportunity to gain vocationally focused experience in parallel with other qualifications.

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