Art & Design Foundation Diploma (pre-Degree)

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Full Time - September 2019



Course introduction

A Foundation Diploma is a 1-year practical and creative vocational course. The course enables students to explore a wide range of specialist areas before deciding on a future direction within the subject. Students find this course exciting challenging and rewarding.

If you are interested in a creative and commercial career and are interested in the Art and Design world this could be the course for you.

One of the many strengths of the course lies in encouraging individual development, allied to the efficient and realistic preparation for further study at degree level.

Course structure

The course offers an exciting range of art and design practice, including options in Fine Art (Painting, Sculpture, Installation), 3D Design, Textiles, (Fashion, Surface Pattern), and Design for Communication, (Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation and Photography).

Students must pass each stage of the course before they can go onto the next. 

A wide range of two and three dimensional materials, technologies and processes will be studied.

The course is divided into three stages: Exploratory, Pathway and Confirmatory.

Historical and Contextual Studies are fully integrated into the course.

Minimum entry requirements

The minimum examination entry requirement for the course is ‘A’ levels or the equivalent 12 BTEC Diploma Units with Core Level 2 Numeracy and Literacy.

However it is the student’s portfolio that will be used to assess suitability for the course.

Students will be asked to submit a portfolio of work and applicants interviews will take place throughout the spring term.

How will I be assessed?

The Foundation Diploma is 100% coursework assessed. Projects are submitted for marking on a regular basis throughout the course.

Work is graded and written feedback provided enabling students to gauge how well they are doing on the course.

Feedback helps students to see the strengths of their work, as well as reflecting on areas, which can be developed, further.Final grades are awarded on the work produced during the summer term and presented in the exhibition.

You will be guided in the preparation for higher education and the production of a personal portfolio of work.

Information & support

Students pay a studio fee on entry of £100 towards the cost of an art pack and studio materials.

The course provides a range of basic materials, however, as students reach the Pathway stage of the programme, individual specialist media and materials will be required.

The College Art Shop is accessible to all students and can be used to purchase these requirements.

What can I do with this qualification?

The Foundation Diploma is recognised as the best route to a degree in Art and Design after completing ‘A’ levels.

This course is primarily a springboard to universities throughout the country, preparing students to make the most of higher education.

The majority of Art and Design degree courses specify that students should complete a Foundation Diploma as an entry requirement - equivalent to 3 ‘A’ Levels. 

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