Astronomy – Wonders of the Night Sky – Part 1

Astronomy – Wonders of the Night Sky – Part 1

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Type: Evening
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Part 1 of this course will explore the basis of what we know about the universe and our place in it. Topics will include: An overview of the evidence for our current understanding the Universe and our place in it (This is a recurring theme throughout the course), a selection of astronomical objects and sky phenomena to observe, at different times of the year, with the unaided eye and with small telescopes or binoculars, pointers to a selection of books, planetarium programs and other astronomical software, internet resources, an overview of the Solar System: Sun, major planets and their moons, minor planets, comets, Earth-Moon-Sun phenomena including eclipses, tides, seasons, the "Moon Illusion", atmospheric phenomena including meteors and halos, Galaxies, Clusters, Star-forming regions, Planetary Nebula, Supernovas, and what they teach us about the Universe and our place in it, telescopes, different kinds of mounts, and binoculars for astronomy, including how to choose what gives you the best value for money for your specific situation/needs, how to make the best use of what you do have, and how to observe effectively, safely and comfortably. We will also introduce participants to the fundamentals of practical observational astronomy.

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This course is suitable for all adults with a curiosity about astronomy and/or cosmology. This course is a pre-requisite for Part 2 and will form a strong background for a GCSE Astronomy course. We intend that one session will be spent observing at a dark-sky location in the New Forest. This is weather-dependent and, therefore, cannot be pre-planned. We will give you more information at the first session.

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