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Course introduction

You can pick up a valuable, well-paid, responsible trade that will serve you throughout your working life by choosing to study for a bricklaying qualification.

Bricklaying is a creative and physically fulfilling vocation that develops your initiative. It can also lead to travel opportunities and chances to meet many different people within the construction industry.

As a student you will learn all the theoretical and practical skills you need for repairs and alterations as well as new builds.

Why choose Brock for Bricklaying Levels 1,2 or 3?

At Brock we are fortunate to have a dedicated Skills Centre at Marchwood where you will learn your trade under the supervision of experienced professionals.

Among other things, you will combine practical and visual skills to discover your potential as a skilled tradesperson.

You will also pick up knowledge about the way the construction industry functions, giving you important insights that will help you find work. Part of this will involve site visits.

Teaching & learning

You will acquire your theoretical knowledge through a series of taught units. You will then evidence your progress by responding to questions and participating in classroom discussions on best practice.

You will also complete assessments as you progress through the course. These will take the form of multi choice exams, one assignment and a series of practical assessments.

Should you fall short in your learning, your teacher will institute an Action Plan to enable you to get back to where you should be.

Importantly, your achievements in terms of practical work will be evidenced in a photographic progress portfolio.

Course structure

  • Learn the fundamental theory behind bricklaying.
  • Compile a photographic progress portfolio to evidence your skills and knowledge.
  • Acquire your trade under the supervision of former bricklaying professionals.
  • Understand a range of important techniques for various construction-related purposes.
  • Gain a recognised qualification that can act as launch pad for a successful career.
  • Benefit from fieldtrips and Enrichment activities that will broaden your horizons.
  • Become knowledgeable about important health & safety matters.

Minimum entry requirements

A keen interest in the industry.

Information & support

There are three levels of course for which you can apply. Here’s a breakdown of what you will learn in each:

Level 1
At Level 1 you will learn about building methods, block laying, bricklaying, quantities, communication and health & safety. You will also learn about cavity walls and damp courses.

Level 2
At Level 2 you will learn how to perform joint masonry and masonry cladding jobs; how to build solid walling, isolated and attached piers; and how to build cavity walling to form masonry structures. You will also learn how to interpret working drawings correctly. All this will be complemented by constant attainment in the areas of quantities, communication and health & safety.

Level 3
At Level 3 you will continue to develop your abilities in all areas of bricklaying, while also acquiring new knowledge and skills. You will learn to repair and maintain masonry structures, construct chimneys and fireplaces, and construct complex masonry structures and decorative features. In addition, you will discover more about how the construction industry operates, which will serve you well throughout your career.

What can I do with this qualification?

By completing a Bricklaying qualification you can open doors to a first job or apprenticeship. You may even feel inclined to become self-employed.

Alternatively, you could apply for a higher-level Bricklaying course, or, if you have achieved a Level 3 qualification, apply for a higher education course in a related subject.

Once you leave college with your new qualification, your photographic progress portfolio will represent a central job-seeking asset.

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  • Brock has been absolutely brilliant in preparing me for my future, I feel happy and confident. My tutors are all so supportive and there is a really friendly atmosphere.

    Emily Smith

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