Equality & Diversity Level 2 Certificate – Online/Distance Learning

Adult Skills & Training

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E-Learning - 26th September 2022


Course introduction

You can improve your understanding of current legislation and the key principles surrounding equality and diversity by completing this course.

You will achieve a nationally-recognised qualification, pick up important knowledge and skills, and further your personal and professional development.

You will also gather evidence of your competence and learn at a time that suits you without needing to attend college.

Course structure

You will study the following units:

  • Equality and diversity in society
  • Equality and diversity in the community
  • Equality and diversity in the workplace

Information & support

Britain is a culturally diverse nation that respects and values the differences in people.

Companies are legally required to follow a set of practices to ensure discrimination is eradicated and expectations of equality are met.

A good understanding of this wide-ranging legislation is essential in creating a workplace that is centred on fairness, dignity and respect.

Course fees & Duration

This course is fully funded for those who are 19+ and a UK/EU resident. 

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