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Course introduction

If you want to understand more about the world in which we live, then you will definitely feel at home studying History.

Far from being a 'dead' subject, it makes connections through time and encourages you to take a long view of those connections.

You will study people and events using a wealth of source material. Furthermore, you will learn to analyse and be critical of these sources in order to propose legitimate academic theories.

As a result, you will gain important insights into the world’s future as well as its past. After all, it’s impossible to appreciate where we are going without understanding where we have been.

Why choose Brock for History A Level?

At Brock we have extensive electronic resources for studying History. We also subscribe to history journals such as the Modern History Review and History Today, which provide exam tips.

Staff members are all history specialists. They also have experience as examiners, giving them excellent insights into what is required to achieve good grades. In fact, in recent years we have secured an incredible 100% pass rate.

Teaching & learning

This course is academically rigorous and challenging. However, our teachers are adept at dividing the course into manageable chunks to make your learning easier.

As well as making you aware of significant people and events, your teachers will help you refine the higher-level analytical skills you need to do well.

You will also improve as historians through skills lessons, group work and visual resources. In addition, there will be a firm focus on developing your exam technique.

Course structure

  • Learn how the Industrial Revolution transformed the British economy and society as Britain, harnessing a growing empire, emerged as the ‘workshop of the world’, 1783-1885.
  • Examine how Britain faced up to the challenge of the Napoleonic Wars, and having won the conflict met the challenges of winning the peace.
  • Explore whether Britain’s industrial transformation really did benefit all social classes, or whether the emergence of radical political forces was indicative of a growing divide between the owners and producers of capital.
  • Evaluate the origins of the Cold War and why the Second World War alliance rapidly disintegrated as the ‘Iron Curtain’ descended across Europe.
  • Explore how and why the Cold War spread to South East Asia during the 1950s and 1960s, and why the United States ultimately became embroiled in a ten-year conflict with North Vietnam, 1965-75.
  • Examine how the Cold War came to an end in the 1980s, noting the impact of personalities like Reagan and Gorbachev, and why Communism collapsed in Eastern Europe, ultimately provoking the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Minimum entry requirements

Five GCSEs at grade 4 and above to include:

  • English Language grade 5
  • History grade 5, if studied before, or other relevant subject


What can I do with this qualification?

A Level History is a popular subject that is highly respected by universities because it develops transferable skills that are desirable for a range of degrees.

For example, a background in History will particularly help you with social science and humanities courses at university. Furthermore, the analytical and written skills you will refine are desirable across the employment spectrum.

Ultimately, this subject’s depth, variety and challenging nature also means you will develop personal attributes that will benefit you throughout your life.

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  • Brock has been absolutely brilliant in preparing me for my future, I feel happy and confident. My tutors are all so supportive and there is a really friendly atmosphere.

    Emily Smith

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