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Course introduction

The Initial Provider Interview (IPI) is designed to help you plan for progression by enabling you to understand the courses, facilities and support available.

Your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach will refer you to the most appropriate IPI, which will reflect and take account of your individual circumstances.

During your interview, which will last between two and three hours, your Quickstart Advisor will help you identify the personal strengths needed for learning and work.

They will then set out an Action Plan for self-improvement and for you to achieve your next steps.

Finally, your Quickstart Advisor will feed back to your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach recommending the best pathway for you.

Why choose Brock for Initial Provider Interview (IPI)?

At Quickstart our Advisors have many years of experience in delivering advice and guidance sessions.

We work closely with employers across several economic sectors, including retail, hospitality, professional services and construction, and have achieved notable success in supporting learners to get back to work.

The IPI provides training, advice and support for the unemployed or for those who have been made redundant, and helps individuals progress into employment, further education or an apprenticeship.

Importantly, Quickstart is a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment with computers and access to wi-fi that will facilitate your learning, job searching and application making.

Teaching & learning

An IPI can be a group session or a one-to-one session. However, if you attend a group session you will also have a one-to-one meeting with your Advisor.

Group sessions include discussions that help you understand the training programmes available to you, and what you need to do to access any extra support.

Advisors will provide individual support to help you identify your personal strengths and recognise any areas that require improvement.

At the end of the session you will have a clear Action Plan in place and will know how to measure your progress against your goals.

Course structure

Your IPI will cover the following six areas:

  • Introduction to available courses
  • Literacy assessment
  • Highlighting personal strengths
  • Action planning
  • One-to-one with an Advisor
  • Referral to recommended course

Minimum entry requirements

  • Must have ID (Passport / Driving licence / Birth certificate).
  • Must be unemployed and claiming benefits (JSA / ESA / UC / IS).
  • Must complete a literacy and numeracy assessment.

How will I be assessed?

You will follow a workbook that will be assessed and certificated at the end of your time with us.

What can I do with this qualification?

Using your Action Plan, we will advise you and your Work Coach on the recommended next steps for you.

We have a range of programmes to which you may be referred next, including employability, motivational, CSCS, retail and basic IT courses.

These learning opportunities will open new pathways for you to progress into work, whether it be in your former line of employment or something different.

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