ITQ Level 2 or Level 3 (OCR)

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Course introduction

Have the opportunity to work towards a Level 2 or 3 qualification. 

This course is suitable for you if you wish to improve your computer skills with the intention of working in an office environment. 

ITQ Level 3 Certificate for IT Users is a qualification that allows users to demonstrate higher level computer user skills, showing employers that you are confident, competent and efficient. 

Level 2:

  • Word processing – Create, edit and format a wide variety of documents, including business letters, memos and reports, produce tables and forms, display work effectively using pictures, styles, borders, Word Art and autoshapes and use mailmerge. 
  • Spreadsheets – Develop and format a spreadsheet, use formulae to calculate results, create pie, column and bar charts.
  • Email and personal information management – Use advanced email features to coordinate information, set up distribution lists and use address book, manage mailbox and folders.
  • Presentations – Set up a master slide, create a presentation, insert and manipulate data, control a presentation, save, print and produce support documents for a presentation and use transitional facilities and set timings.

Level 3

  • Advanced word processing – formatting, referencing (footnotes, endnotes), table of contents, indexing, fields, forms, templates, advanced mail merge, linking and embedding data, collaborate and review documents, master and subdocuments, document security, watermarks and sections.
  • Advanced presentations – formatting, templates, drawings and images, advanced charts, create and edit diagrams, insert movies and sound, animation, linking, embedding, importing and exporting, control/customise slide shows.
  • Improving Productivity using IT – plan, evaluate and improve procedures involving the use of IT tools and systems in order to improve the productivity and efficiency of work activities.
  • Intermediate spreadsheets – develop and format a spreadsheet; use formulae to calculate results; create pie, column and bar charts.
  • Intermediate web page creation – Create web pages from unformatted source material; Use and format images, text and tables; Create and format an interactive form; Create relative, external and email hyperlinks; Create style sheets; Develop a familiarity of HTML code; Manage web pages

Course structure

You will be taught using the following methods:

  • Demonstrations
  • Lectures
  • Question and answer 
  • Group discussion

You will have access to a computer and the software used for this course will be Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2013.

How will I be assessed?

Your work will be assessed by your tutor on a regular basis from which feedback will be given to help you improve.

Your final assessment will be in the form of practical assignments which are marked by the tutor and externally moderated by the examination board, OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA).

Information & support

Please bring along writing materials including notebook/A4 file.

Course fees & Duration

There is a cost of £362 to complete this course. 

What can I do with this qualification?

As a College we offer a variety of courses to further your skills in using computer software.

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