Level 2 Certificate in Falls Prevention Awareness

Adult Skills & Training

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Course introduction

This learning opportunity will raise your awareness about the impact and consequences of a fall, the risks and hazards that could result in a fall, and how to prevent or reduce the risk of a fall.

Course structure

Unit 1: Falls in context

You will gain an introduction to falls in a health and social care context, including the impact and consequences of falls, the benefits of falls awareness and prevention, and the legislation and guidance relating to falls and falls prevention.

Unit 2: The risk factors and causes of falls

You will learn about the personal and environmental factors that can increase the likelihood of falls, as well as other risk factors.

Unit 3: Falls assessment and prevention

You will look at how an individual’s risk of falls can be assessed, monitored and reviewed. You will learn about effective interventions that can be used to reduce the risk of falls, plus the multi-agency and specialist support available for falls prevention.

Unit 4: Managing falls

You will learn more about how to minimise harm in the event of a fall, as well as your role and responsibilities in falls situations and the importance of learning from previous incidents to improve care.

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