Level 2 Certificate in Lean Organisation Management Techniques

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Course introduction

This course is designed to develop your understanding of lean organisation techniques and the skills required to work effectively in a team for business. Importantly, you will cover the skills and knowledge needed to use lean organisation and business improvement techniques.

Course structure

Unit 1: Lean organisation techniques in business

Section 1: The features of a lean environment

Section 2: Performing productivity needs analysis

Section 3: Devising a map of a process

Unit 2: Business improvement techniques

Section 1: The principles of the Kaizen strategy

Section 2: The principles underpinning the organisation of a business environment

Section 3: Using visual indicators to make improvements to the work environment

Section 4: Eliminating variance from workplace processes

Unit 3: Effective teamwork in business

Section 1: The features of an effective team

Section 2: Working effectively within a team

Section 3: What is required of a team leader

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