Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of End of Life Care

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Course introduction

This programme is designed to help you identify, develop and formally recognise your knowledge and skills associated with this emotionally demanding time of life. It is ideal if you are already working in, or intend to work in, the health and social care sector.

Course structure

Unit 1: Understand how to work in end of life care

You will learn about different attitudes to death and dying, the varying approaches to end of life care, and the support services available to people undertaking such a role.

Unit 2: Care planning in end of life care

You will gain an understanding of the holistic approach to end of life care, person-centred assessment, and care planning that considers the many needs of individuals nearing the end of life.

Unit 3: Understand how to provide support to manage pain and discomfort

You will gain the knowledge and skills to provide support for managing pain and discomfort. This includes how to minimise pain through a range of different techniques and approaches to managing pain.

Unit 4: End of life care and dementia

You will gain an acute awareness of the impact dementia can have on an individual's end of life care. You will also learn how to support individuals nearing the end of life, as well as their family and close friends.

Unit 5: Understanding the role of the care worker at time of death

You will explore the role of a care worker around the time of death. How to care for a deceased individual and the relevant legislation will also be explored.

Unit 6: Understand loss and grief in end of life care

You will consider the complex nature of loss and grief, giving you an understanding of how to support people following bereavement and how to best manage their feelings.

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