Masterclass – Colour Management & Soft Proofing in Photoshop

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Masterclass – Colour Management & Soft Proofing in Photoshop

Course Details

Colour Management is all about getting accurate and predictable colour, matching what is seen on your computer screen to the final print, this can be an elusive and daunting task.  This workshop will address the Colour Management Workflow from initial image capture all the way through to printing and viewing images in a Web browser.  Simply by going through the process step by step.   

The workshop will include camera/scanner settings, bringing images into Photoshop, setting Photoshops' colour settings, monitor calibration, printer calibration (matching monitor to printer), soft proofing, assigning and converting profiles, sizing images for monitor display or printing, output sharpening, setting up your print driver and Photoshops' print dialog.  The course will conclude by previewing images in a Web browser ready for uploading onto a Web site. Hand-outs will be available to assist you to practice the tools and techniques.




Information & Support

You will be taught by means of practical demonstration and hands on experience. 

Courses and workshops will be offered throughout the year giving learners the opportunity to further develop their skills.   Please bring along a note book and pen.     You will need to bring a packed lunch .Practical help and advice is also provided to assist students with any kind of disability or individual need, including people for whom English is not their first language.  Please contact our Centre staff to discuss your needs prior to starting your course.

Course Cost

Workshop - £40