Masterclass – Writing & Using Actions in Photoshop

Masterclass – Writing & Using Actions in Photoshop

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Automate tedious and repetitive tasks by using Photoshop Actions to speed up your editing workflow. For example, you may wish to resize images for display on a Web site, add a drop shadow and save them as a jpeg rather than do each editing step on every image, simply write an Action and run it.  What should you create an Action for?  Anything you do in Photoshop on a regular repeated basis, such as setting up the stages for a black and white conversion, dodge and burn, resizing and sharpening etc.

Virtually anything you can do in Photoshop, you can write an Action for.  An Action is a set of one or more editing commands that you record and then play back to apply that Action to a single image or a batch of images.  We will look at Photoshops' default Actions and then the Actions panel and how to create, record, run and edit Actions.  Additionally we will look at how to save and back up Actions and install pre-made Actions.

Course hand-outs will be available to assist you to practice the tools and techniques learnt at home. 



Information & Support

You will be taught by means of practical demonstration and hands on experience. 

Courses and workshops will be offered throughout the year giving learners the opportunity to further develop their skills.   Please bring along a note book and pen.    During the workshop we will make several Actions.  If you wish to save the Actions you have created in class to use at home, please bring along a USB memory stick.   You will need to bring a packed lunch. Practical help and advice is also provided to assist students with any kind of disability or indicidual need, including people for whom English is not their first language.  Please contact our Centre staff to discuss your needs prior to starting your course.

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