New You, New Tomorrow

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Course introduction

This programme focusses on giving you a fresh start in the jobs market.

It aims to give you renewed confidence in applying for work, as well as equipping you with new knowledge and skills.

Importantly, the course can be adapted to meet your particular needs.

Course structure

This course is a four-week journey.

Week one will develop your confidence and self-esteem, while week two will build your employability skills.

In week three you can benefit from a makeover including hair and interview dress, which will be followed by work experience.

Week four will give the you a chance to reflect on what you have learned and develop the IT skills essential for finding work.

Information & support


  • Must have ID (Passport / Driving licence / Birth certificate).
  • Must be unemployed and claiming benefits (JSA / ESA / UC / IS).
  • Must complete a literacy and numeracy assessment.

 Individual support with:

  • Job search and applications
  • CV writing
  • Interview preparation and practice


Four weeks

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