Photography – An Introduction to Composition

Photography – An Introduction to Composition

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In Photography it’s not simply what you shoot it’s how you shoot it that counts. In this workshop we will be looking at some guides to composition and how to use them in practice. So the next time you are out shooting you can put into action what you have learnt on the course.

This one day workshop will look at various techniques you can use to draw the viewer’s eye into your image, give your images a greater strength and get the viewer to engage with your image. We will be looking at a number of techniques such as:
• Backgrounds
• Balancing Elements
• Cropping
• Depth of Field
• Framing
• Leading Lines
• Rule of Thirds
• Symmetry and Patterns
• Viewpoint

Course hand-outs will be available to assist you to practice the tools and techniques learnt at home.

You will be taught by means of practical demonstration and hands on experience. 


Information & Support

Courses and workshops will be offered throughout the year giving you the opportunity to further develop your skills.

Please bring along a note book and pen.
You may wish to bring along your digital camera with charged batteries, memory card and instruction manual, although not specifically shooting on this day you may find it useful to refer to your camera.
Please bring a packed lunch.

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