Photography Workshop – Location Photography (Land/Seascapes)

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Photography Workshop – Location Photography (Land/Seascapes)

Course Details

The morning will be spent on location taking your photographs, we will then head back to the centre to carry out some post processing of your images.
This course is suited to anyone who wishes to learn about camera controls and setting up their camera to shoot Landscape/Seascapes  and post processing this type of image in Photoshop.

In the afternoon we will look at processing your images in Photoshop, white balance adjustment, the removal of dust spots, cropping to straighten and improve composition, enhancing colour and contrast, batch processing etc.

Course hand-outs will be available to assist you to practice the tools and techniques learnt at home.

Information & Support

Please bring your digital camera with charged batteries, memory card and instruction manual, along with any other photographic equipment you may have that could be useful such as a tripod, reflectors, filters etc. A charger and/or USB cables will also be useful if you have them. As will a USB memory stick if you wish to save your edited images. You will also find a note book useful.

Learners will be advised of the location nearer to the start date.

Please bring a packed lunch with you.

In each of our Location Photography workshops Autumnal, Land/Seascapes and Out and About we will be photographing in different locations working with the available light to capture our images, so each of these classes will offer you something different and new skills to learn.

Courses and workshops will be offered throughout the year giving learners the opportunity to further develop their skills.

Practical help and advice is also provided to assist students with any kind of disability or individual need, including people for whom English is not their first language. Please contact our centre staff to discuss your needs prior to starting your course.

Course Cost

Course costs are:

1 day Workshop - £40

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions (young/old)?

Students need to be 19 years old or over.

There is no upper age limit.

Can I start the course part way through?

For some courses, this may be possible.  Please contact to confirm.

What do you define as a 'beginner'?

Beginner is someone who has little or no knowledge of the subject area.

Please contact for further clarification.

What do you define as 'intermediate'?

Intermediate is for those who have completed a beginners course with us or have some knowledge of the subject but would like to learn more.

Please contact for further clarification.

What do you define as 'advanced'?

Advanced for those who have completed an intermediate course with us or are proficient in the subject.

Please contact for further clarification.

What should I take with me on the day?

Please see ‘Information & Support’ within each individual course information page.

If you require further details please email

How much does the course cost?

The cost of each course will be displayed on each individual course information page.

If you require further details please email

Can I pay for the course in instalments?

Each course needs to be paid in full before the start of the course.

Are there any concessions available?

Reduced fees may apply for those on specific benefits.

Please contact for more details.

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