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Computer Science A Level

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Course introduction

Right now we are living in a new Digital Age where computer technology pervades almost every aspect of our lives.

As a result, there are literally thousands of opportunities to innovate for a better, stronger, more efficient and more powerful future for humanity.

If you like learning about computers and want to lay the foundations for a successful career in this ever-expanding sector, then this is definitely the course for you.

As a budding computer scientist you will learn to theorise, design, develop and apply software and hardware to improve the way we live.

Why choose
Computer Science A Level?

At Brock our Computer Science teachers are computing enthusiasts with a passion for solving problems using computers.

As a student you will have access to free Microsoft software, which will give you many of the tools you need to succeed.

Throughout the course there will be a useful balance of theory and practice. You can expect roughly half of your time to be spent studying programming.

Teaching & learning

We believe that Computer Science is an academic subject that benefits from a systematic and logical approach. Therefore your teachers will carefully break down barriers to learning by dividing areas into manageable chunks.

You will learn to program in the widely used language of C#, from which it is relatively simple to switch to other languages like C++ and Java.

Minimum entry requirements

Five GCSEs at grade 4 and above with a minimum average GCSE score of 4.0, including:

·       English Language

·       Maths grade 6

There is no requirement to have studied Computing at GCSE level, but if you have, then we would like you to have obtained a grade 5.

You will need a systematic and logical approach to problem-solving.

It is also recommended that you take Maths A Level alongside this course.

Course structure

  • Gain new knowledge about the fundamentals of programming, data structures, algorithms, databases, systems and networks.
  • Acquire a systematic approach to computer problem-solving, giving you key transferable skills.
  • Complete a practical project that will give you hands-on experience in a non-exam context.
  • Query and manipulate data in a database using SQL.
  • Learn the basics of fundamental programming using Haskell.

What can I do with this qualification?

This course will prepare you for various computer related university programmes, including: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics and Business.

Such degrees generally result in employment in areas such as systems analysis, programming and animation, among other things.

As computers are such an integral part of the modern workplace, people with computer skills are in extremely high demand across all employment sectors. This means you can combine computer science with a seemingly unrelated subject to good effect.

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Date & time 09/09/2024 to 31/07/2025

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