Getting to Know Photoshop Workshop

Getting to Know Photoshop Workshop

Course introduction

Photoshop is the industry standard editing package. There are many other packages on the market, and the majority of these work in a similar way to Photoshop. Therefore, this course will give you a basic understanding of photo editing. You will look at the various features and functions of Photoshop and how they work together. You will cover topics such as:

•      Navigating the Photoshop interface.

•      Performing basic retouching tasks.

•      Understanding how to work with layers.

•      Using effects and filters.

•      Combining two images into one.

Understanding image resolution and file output for both print and web.

Information & support

Please bring a notebook and pen. You can also bring a packed lunch. Course handouts will be available to assist you at home. You will be taught through practical demonstration and hands-on experience.

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