Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health

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Course introduction

This programme is designed to improve your understanding of nutrition and health. It covers factors such as the principles of healthy eating and weight management, nutrition in the context of eating disorders, and how to prepare food safely at home.

Course structure

Unit 1: Explore the principles of healthy eating

You will explore what is meant by a healthy diet and how your diet directly affects your general health. You will also examine various lifestyle diseases, explore the roles different nutrients play in assisting how your body functions, and learn how to plan a healthy meal and prepare food safely.

Unit 2: Consider the nutritional needs of a variety of individuals

You will explore how nutritional needs alter with age, from children to older people, and focus on the specific dietary requirements of these demographics. You will also learn about the factors that create barriers to a healthy lifestyle.

Unit 3: Use food and nutrition information to plan a healthy diet

You will gain an increased awareness of the information that is provided on food labels and how this can be used to plan healthier meals and encourage a healthier diet. You will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of food additives and evaluate your diet.

Unit 4: The principles of weight management

You will explore the risks associated with ineffective weight management and look in detail at how to implement effective methods of weight management. You will also look at how societal demands for a particular body image can negatively influence weight management, and how to plan a short-term weight management programme that works for you.

Unit 5: Understanding eating disorders

You will study different eating disorders and their effects on health and wellbeing. You will also look in more detail at the complex connection between food and feelings, and explore how to access information and support in relation to eating disorders.

Unit 6: Principles of food safety for the home environment

You will cover how to implement food safety imperatives, maintain a safe environment, avoid contamination and identify hazards. You will also learn about the importance of personal hygiene when handling food.

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