Photography Workshop – Home Studio Lighting

Photography Workshop – Home Studio Lighting

Course introduction

This one-day workshop will look at lighting equipment both continuous and flash along with lighting styles as used in portraiture and other genres.

Through discussion and practical demonstration, we will look at the pros and cons of constant vs flash home studio lighting, the use of natural light and balancing natural daylight with constant and flash lighting. We will also look at the basic equipment needed to get started; the use of speed lights will also be discussed.

We will then move on to look at where to place lights, subject and camera so as to achieve the desired results.

The workshop is a practical hands on day you will be shooting a variety of lighting set-ups during the day and looking at lighting patterns.

Image processing may also be discussed depending on time and attendee interest.

This class is limited to 10 students.

Information & support

Please bring a notebook and pen, your digital camera, memory card/s and fully charged batteries and charger, along with your camera instruction manual, and any other camera equipment you may have that could be useful such as a tripod, reflectors, filters etc.  Please also bring a packed lunch.

Course hand-outs will be available to assist you to practice techniques learnt at home.

Note: Please contact the tutor prior to the course to advise make and model of your camera as not all cameras trigger flash lights the same way.

You will be taught by means of practical demonstration and hands-on experience.

Courses and workshops will be offered throughout the year giving learners the opportunity to further develop their skills. 

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