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Politics A Level

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Course introduction

Do you feel disempowered? Do you feel that young people are simply ignored by those in power? Do you feel you lack a political voice? Would you like to have one?

This course might not solve the issues that face young people, but it can at least help you understand how you can make a difference.

A Level Government & Politics represents your opportunity to get to grips with all those mysterious mechanisms that govern the way we live.

After all, only by learning how the system works can you properly engage with it and change it for the better.

Why choose
Politics A Level?

At Brock Government & Politics staff and students keep a keen eye on what’s happening in the political jungle.

We also have extensive electronic-based resources and links with political bodies and organisations.

Importantly, every spring we organise a trip to Westminster to see exactly what goes on in the corridors of power.

Not only that, the College regularly hosts visiting politicians who come to debate the big issues and answer your questions.

Teaching & learning

As a student you will make substantial use of materials such as maps, extracts from books, articles, speeches, cartoons and videos.

For the most part you will discuss contemporary events and issues in the British and American political systems.

You will need to stay up-to-date with political developments and will also be encouraged to make use of the College Learning and Resources Centre, which contains journals and recently published books.

Information & support

You will need to buy the following texts:

  • Edexcel AS and A-Level Politics, New for 2017

Minimum entry requirements

Five GCSEs at grade 4 and above with a minimum average GCSE score of 4.0, including:

  • English Language grade 5
  • Maths

You must also have a strong interest in current affairs and a willingness to take part in class discussions and debates.

Course structure

  • Examine the important elements of people, politics, democracy and participation to gain a broad understanding of political parties, electoral systems and voting behaviour in the UK today.
  • Study how modern Britain is governed by looking at the British constitution and parliament in detail.
  • Explore different political ideologies, namely conservatism, socialism and liberalism before comparing.
  • Learn about government in the United States by looking at the constitution as well as the executive and legislative branches.
  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the institutions that govern the UK and US today.
  • Evaluate political institutions, traditions, behaviours and leaders in the UK and US today.

What can I do with this qualification?

This qualification allows you to progress onto a range of higher education courses, particularly those connected with the humanities.

If you wish to pursue this subject at degree level you might even end up launching a political career – although a degree isn’t a prerequisite for becoming a politician.

You can also use the skills you have learned to pursue a range of professional areas, including journalism, law, economics, education and administration.

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LocationBrockenhurst College - Main Site

Date & time 09/09/2024 to 31/07/2025

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