Essential information for returning to college – March 2021

Essential information for students and their parents/carers for returning to Brockenhurst College from 8 March

We are really excited to welcome our students back to the College from 8 March. This webpage contains all the essential information you will need before returning.

Return to college and timetables on return

During the week of 8 March there will be a phased return to facilitate COVID-19 lateral flow testing. Students will be invited to return in groups. You will have received a separate communication indicating the day and time you should return. This may be a different day or time to your normal timetable. If your return date is Monday 8 March, your Head of Curriculum will be in contact with you to provide a timetable for the day.

You should NOT come to college before your allocated date and time. Please aim to arrive as close as possible to your allotted start time or lateral flow test appointment. This will allow us to phase student return and testing effectively. If you travel to college by bus, please catch the bus as normal on the day you are due to return.

Initially, you should follow your normal timetable remotely, just like the last few weeks, until the day and time you have been asked to return. Then you should come to campus and follow your timetable for the rest of the week as normal.

From Monday 15 March you will follow your normal weekly timetable. Remote teaching on Monday will remain in place for the rest of this academic year.

If you are suffering from any symptoms associated with COVID-19, or have currently tested positive for COVID-19, you must NOT come to college. If this is the case, please let us know by phoning 01590 625530 or emailing In addition, you should follow current government guidelines regarding self-isolation, and should only return to college once your self-isolation period has ended.

What do I need to know about returning?

The country is still in the middle of the pandemic and upon your return to college the country will still be in a national lockdown.

We expect all students to take responsibility for themselves, and to act responsibly while at college or travelling to and from college, to ensure the safety of themselves and all other members of the Brockenhurst College community and wider local communities.

As a reminder, please ensure you have read, understood and follow our learner code of conduct and COVID-19 code of conduct. These can be found here:

Code of Conduct – COVID-19

Learner Code of Conduct

Breaching these rules can potentially put the health and safety of others at risk. We will take disciplinary action against any student who is in breach of either code of conduct.

COVID-19 protection measures in college

We take the safety of our college community very seriously. We are doing everything possible to keep our learners safe, and the measures put in place follow all the advice and requirements of both the Department for Education and Public Health England.

The system of controls we had in place throughout the Autumn term will remain in place when you return. These have already proved to be very effective.

You must:

  • Wear a mask in all indoor communal areas and in classrooms, unless exempt.
  • Sanitise your hands on entry and exit of classrooms.
  • Maintain social distance of two metres from others wherever possible.
  • Ensure you have your college ID with you and that it is visible at all times.
  • Ensure face coverings are worn if travelling on public transport or college bus services. This is a legal requirement.
  • Follow the national government restrictions when travelling to and from college, or when you are off campus during the day.




You must not:

  • Be in social groups of more than six. The rule-of-six remains in place for social spaces throughout the College.
  • Go into Brockenhurst village unless absolutely necessary. The country remains under a national stay-at-home order, so you should remain on campus and travel straight home.

Face mask exemptions:

If you are exempt from wearing face coverings, please make sure we are made aware. Please email Student Services at or visit Student Services with evidence of your exemption. Students who are exempt will be issued with a special lanyard to indicate exemption. The college can supply full face plastic visors free of charge if you wish to have these as an alternative.

Lateral flow testing

In accordance with national government guidelines, we will implement lateral flow testing for staff and students on their return.

All students have the option to opt-in or out of lateral flow testing. The purpose of lateral flow testing is to identify those who may be asymptomatic with COVID-19 so that they can move out of circulation.

You will be offered three lateral flow tests in the first weeks following your return.

Students who have opted-in to lateral flow testing will be given a date and time to attend college to take their first test.

Students should not attend classes before they have taken their first test and received a negative result. This is in line with government guidance.

In the following weeks, the second and third tests will be taken during timetabled tutor periods.

The government has also announced that home testing kits will be made available to students so they can test themselves at home twice weekly. We expect to have these available in the next few weeks and will provide further details once the kits have been delivered.


How will the testing process work?

Please bear with us during the first couple of weeks back while we are testing on site. We are very pleased that a high proportion of students have opted-in to testing, but this will mean a large number of tests will need to be completed each week. We hope things will run to time, but please be prepared to wait, if necessary, for a test. This might mean you are late for lessons in some cases, particularly during the first week back. Your teachers will make allowances because they recognise the importance of being tested. You will not be penalised if you are late to class following a lateral flow test.

A video on the testing process, how to register for lateral flow tests, what the test centre looks like, and how the process works, is here:

The process is as follows:

  • You should arrive just before your appointment time and go straight to the test centre on arrival. You should NOT attend classes until after you have received a negative test result. This is in line with national government guidelines. The test centre entrance is at the rear of the Sports Hall. If you are arriving by bus, you will be given an appointment slot that is as early as possible. This is because we understand that you do not have the flexibility.
  • Appointments are booked at 15-minute intervals and you should arrive promptly at your allocated time to ensure the centre runs to time.
  • Please do not eat or drink for 30 minutes before your test.
  • Once registered and checked-in you will be issued with your test, which must be self-administered. Assistance from an experienced member of staff is available if required.
  • Once the test is complete you will be directed to the waiting area at the rear of the Sports Hall. This is a socially-distanced space where you must wait until you receive your results. You should remain two metres away from other students in this area to ensure you will not have to self-isolate if another student tests positive. A chair and desk will be provided so you are comfortable and can get on with study if you wish.
  • Results will arrive via text message around 30 minutes after the test. You should ensure you have been to the toilet and have adequate food and/or drink BEFORE your test. This is because you will not be allowed to leave the waiting area until you have received your result.
  • Once you have received your test result you will need to show it to the member of staff monitoring the waiting area.
  • If you test negative, you will be able to attend classes as normal and can follow your normal timetable. You MUST continue to follow the College’s system of controls even if you have tested negative.
  • If you test positive, you will be required to self-isolate immediately and arrange to be transported home. You must then follow the government guidelines associated with a positive test result. These guidelines can be found

Testing at Marchwood and Ultima

Test centres have also been set up at both Marchwood and Ultima. You will be tested when you first arrive for classes during the week of 8 March.

Guidance for parents and carers

If your son or daughter tests positive for COVID-19, then they will not be able to travel home via public transport. As advised in our communication of 26 February, it is a parental responsibility to ensure your son or daughter has homeward travel plans in place. The College is not responsible for arranging homeward travel for a student who has tested positive.

The government published updated guidance for parents and carers on 24 February. This can be viewed via the link below:


We understand that the latest period of lockdown will have been a challenging time for some and that you might feel anxious about returning.

Please be assured that we will support you every step of the way. If you have any concerns, please speak with your Student Support Manager (SSM) during your first few days back.

Tutorials will run as normal. These will help you access any support to help you through any challenges you might have so you can settle back in and get the most out of your time at college.

The College is able to offer financial support for students from low-income households. It is not too late to apply for this support if your family’s financial position has changed in the last few months.

Financial support comes in the form of a bursary to help with travel and essential course costs. Free meals are also available for those who are eligible.

There are other bursaries available for adult learners and vulnerable learners, such as care leavers or those living independently. Full details can be found on our bursaries webpage:

Getting to College

Brockenhurst Main Campus

By Rail

Please ensure you have checked rail timetables before you plan your travel. Rail timetables may have changed since you were last at college in December.

By Bus

College bus services will resume from Monday 8 March. Please ensure you have purchased your pass for this half-term to enable you to travel next week. Daily cash fares are available as an alternative.

Please note that for learners who have been asked to attend college on Monday 8 March, the College bus service WILL be running.

Marchwood Skills Centre

The College’s connecting bus service from Totton railway station will resume from Monday 8 March.

Ultima Beauty Academy

Ultima students will be able to access the centre via bus and/or train from Monday 8 March. Please ensure you have checked transport schedules because rail timetables may have changed since December.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

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