Host Family Application


Host Family Application

Please ensure you have read the Homestay Handbook.

We offer long and short term placements for homestay providers. Our two year A level programme is very popular, with many students wishing to a gain place at a top UK university after completing their studies.

We also offer a one year A level programme, where students study in first year A level classes, take exams and return to their home countries to complete their high school education.

Some students participate in our High School Experience Programme, where they stay at the College for a term, two terms or a term and a half, commencing in September and January. Groups visit in both summer and winter undertaking a residential English programme – combining classes, activities and field trips. They usually stay with us for between one and two weeks, residing with host families in twin rooms.

Please note, after submitting your application form you do not automatically become a homestay provider. There will be a few steps to go through first. If you decide not to go ahead with the programme, there are no consequences or fees to pay.

What happens next?

Initial Host Family Visit

We will take a look at your application and if you are suitable, we will make an appointment to come and visit your home.

This will take 60 – 90 minutes and will include an informal chat about our expectations. We will take a look at your accommodation and answer any questions you may have.

During this visit, we may also make some recommendations about the bedroom(s) or ask you to provide certain furniture depending upon the room set-up.

Please note: when we visit we will need take photos of the accommodation.

These will be kept for our records only.

Once your application has been approved we will make an annual visit to inspect your property and catch up with you.


We will require two character references before you can become a homestay host:

  • Referee 1: someone you know in a professional capacity (usually your employer).
  • Referee 2: someone you have known for at least two years (not a family member) who can provide a personal character reference.

Please ensure that you nominate two people on your application form, and include their name, postal address and contact details, as well as their relationship to you.

You will need to confirm that they are willing to provide a reference for you. We will then contact them and ask them to complete a reference form.

All references will be kept confidential.

DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) Certificates

If your application is successful, all members of your household aged 18 or over will be invited into the College to complete the DBS application form.

A DBS certificate is usually required by law for anyone working with children, whether on a paid or voluntary basis. We will provide a DBS certificate for two members of your household. There is a cost of £44 each (subject to DBS changing the price) and we ask that you pay this upfront. You will only be reimbursed after a successful period of hosting (usually around 3-4 months/a term).

If you require any additional certificates throughout your hosting period, the cost will be incurred at your own expense. You may require this if a member of your household turns 18, or a family member or friend moves into your property.

Please note that we require a DBS certificate for any permanent member of your household who is aged 18 or over, or semi-permanent household members. This might include non-resident partners, older children or parents who visit the property regularly, particularly those that stay overnight – please advise us if any of these visitors may apply to you.

Once you have received your DBS certificate(s), you will be required to send the original(s) to us. We will take a note of the number and the date of issue, and return the certificate to you.

Please make a copy of the certificate before sending it to us and keep the original in a safe place once we have returned it.

DBS Update Service

If you are part of the DBS update programme, you may be exempt from completing another DBS check. Please get in touch with us for further advice.  For further information about the Update Service, please read through the guidelines on the DBS website here.

Gas Safety Certificate

You will also need to obtain a  Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate.

This should cover ALL gas appliances within the property.

You can use any engineer who is listed on the Gas Safe Register. This will be at your own expense and is an annual requirement.

Host Family Agreement

You will be provided with a Host Family Agreement form at the end of a successful initial visit or via email.

You are required to sign this confirming that you are happy with the expectations we have for hosts. This document must be signed before we accept you onto the programme.

Host Family Profile

You will be asked to complete a host family profile which will emailed to your allocated student(s) as a means of introducing you as a host.

We will send you an example profile and template for you to complete. A family photograph is also useful to include as part of your profile.

Cultural Exchange

After completing this process,  you can expect your first international student(s) arrival (although no student placements are ever guaranteed).

The student(s) will become a temporary member of your family. We are sure you will all benefit from this extraordinary experience.

Additional Training

You will be required to undergo some training around child welfare or safety.

Training in Safeguarding and a course relating to the government’s duty under the Prevent Strategy will be part of the application procedure. These course links will be emailed to you after the initial visit.

There will also be opportunities for you to attend meetings or events at the College. You will receive information about these when necessary.

If you have any further queries about the hosting programme please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you after you have submitted the application.

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