Induction and welcome – Marchwood

NEW STUDENT Induction and welcome

Here is all the important information you need to make the most of your first day at college.

Your first day will either be Monday 6, Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8 or Thursday 9 September. You should have received this information via email.

It is really important that you only attend on the day you have been allocated. If you have not received an email with this information, please contact us.


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If you have any questions, please contact:   01590 625 555

All you need to know about starting College in September

This webpage contains all the essential information for students and parents/guardians for starting or returning to Brock College in September.

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Passport to Study

Ready to get going? Access your passport to study course where you will find activities and coursework for you to complete before you start next week.

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What will happen on the day?

The purpose of induction day is to give you a chance to get all the essential information you need, find your way around campus and have the first lesson in all of your courses. Here’s what will happen on the day:

  • Check-in through the main hall.
  • Go to your welcome tutor session and receive your timetable for the day and other essential information.
  • Attend lessons in each of the subjects you have chosen.
  • Attend a talk by the principal and assistant principal.
  • Get a chance to try out some Enrichments.
  • Explore the campus.
  • Complete a COVID-19 lateral flow test if you have opted-in to testing.
  • Receive your College IT login details.

NOTE: If you are an existing student, but starting a brand new course, then you will need to attend your induction day.

If you are an existing student returning for the second year of a two-year course you will be starting on your first timetabled day. You should have received an email with more information.


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Key information

What should I bring?

You should come prepared for learning. Make sure you have a notepad, pens and pencil etc.

What should I wear?

You can wear what you like at College. However, if you have purchased a uniform required by your course please wear this on your first day.

How do I get to and from Marchwood?

You can make your way to Marchwood Skills Centre or you can catch the FREE college bus (C27) from Totton train station. The timings of this bus have been altered for Freshers Bitesize and fit around each session. Full details can be found on our travel webpage:

Remember: It is recommended that you wear a face covering when travelling on public transport. This includes the college bus services, which are classed as public services.


You will have a timetabled 30 minutes for lunch.

There are options to purchase hot food and snacks on site. Alternatively, you can bring a packed lunch with you.

What time does the day end?

The day will end at Marchwood at 3.30pm, when you can either make your own way home or take the bus back to Totton train station.

Bursaries & Financial Support

We understand that further education may involve some extra expense.Students in LRC

There are a number of ways to access help with these costs.

  • Ensure that your family is accessing all the state benefits they are entitled to, including Child Benefits.
  • Check with your Local Authority to see if they will assist with travel costs (now mainly aimed at students with special needs).
  • Check if there is help available from local charities or trust funds.
  • Apply to our College Bursary Fund.


For extensive information on Bursaries and financial support, please click the button below.


Travelling to Brock

If you’re travelling by train and have not yet collected your train pass, please make sure you have a valid ticket for the day as train inspectors often check tickets around this time.

If you’re travelling by bus and don’t already have your bus pass, you can use your college ID card as proof that you are a Brock student, but you’ll need to ensure you collect your bus pass at induction.

For extensive travel information, please click the button below.

Travel info

Contact Details

01590 625 555