Enrichment programme

Our Enrichment programme gives you a great opportunity to try something new alongside your main studies.

Whether you want to join a club for fun, or gain another qualification to support your UCAS entry, we have many Enrichment options to choose from.

Enrichment is a social part of College life where you will be able to make new friends as well as learn a new skill or a hobby.

We encourage you to participate in at least one Enrichment option during your time at Brock.

Enrichment options

Adobe Graphics

This is an enrichment that pulls together Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects to create a single professional video sequence that uses the power of each programme to create an industry standard production.

Each week you will be introduced to a single new skill from one of the programmes that will build on the final sequence – allowing for plenty of room and encouragement for you to develop independent practice in between sessions.


This group offers students an opportunity to support and take part in Amnesty initiatives.

This year students have had a guest speakers, run a right for rights campaign, held an ‘Amnestea’ (cake sale to raise funds), discussed many Amnesty campaigns and human rights issues, voted for board members and several are attended the AGM during the Easter holidays, voting for the group on resolutions.


Animation has become an increasingly important media form. Examples can be seen in platforms as different as advertising, feature films, mobile phone content, the internet, television and computer games.

Animation requires people with fresh, exciting ideas for new work, whilst larger companies will need individuals with specialist skills, such as storyboarding and ‘tweening’.

This enrichment aims to develop learners’ skills in the production of 2D and 3D animations using traditional and digital techniques. Learners will work on design, character, setting and narrative whilst also developing production techniques.


Come and gain hands-on experience in how archaeologists discover, analyse and interpret the activities of humans in the past.

It is open to all, whether you have experience of the subject or not – It is an excellent stepping stone between the arts and the sciences and because it is all about human behaviour it will tie in with any of the subjects that you are studying at College.

You will engage in a subject that encompasses logic, science and imagination all embedded in examples of the past.

Artificial Intelligence

This enrichment will give you an introduction to some of the concepts in AI.

You will have an opportunity to build your own neural network using the Python programming language.

We will also look at some of the wider implications of the use of AI in society.

You will get the most out of this if you are doing A level maths and/or computing.


Take part in a life changing opportunity and support our new link projects in Africa

Enhance your CV and UCAS application, build your skills, take part in activities linked to your studies and make a sustainable difference to children’s lives.  Participate in fundraising activities to cover the cost of your trip and collect donations for the children to distribute on the trip.

Educational activities for the children at the projects include: – lessons in reading, spelling, maths, science, games, sports, music, feeding programme, welfare, guidance, basic health and medical for age range from nursery to teenage (3 -16 years)

Trip includes cultural and environmental experiences, a Safari adventure and an Elephant Sanctuary visit.

Brock Studio Sessions

Brock Studio Sessions brings musicians together for song writing and recording.

The aim of the enrichment group as a whole is to write and record an album, and play it live at the end of the year.

You will meet other like minded musicians and or produce solo work.

3D Art & Design

If you would like to have fun learning how to make your own 3D Sculpture, this enrichment will introduce you to a variety of techniques.

You will gain a good understanding of the 3D design process, including developing your idea and the processes involved in order to produce the finished item.

Christian Union

A fun and friendly group.  We pray and study the Bible together, ask questions about God, play games and eat food!

Classical Production

This academic year’s Classical production is Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

You will have the opportunity to audition and join the cast of what will become a piece of touring classical theatre, performing at schools within the local area.

College Newspaper/Magazine

If you are a budding journalist please come along and share your knowledge and enthusiasm.

All students can get involved and get their voice heard.

If you are looking to go forward into journalism, media or the arts, then this is a great way to gain experience.

Community Volunteers

Develop a sense of community spirit, gain experience and benefit your UCAS application.  You will learn interpersonal skills, team working, commitment and self-motivation by working within the community.

These opportunities are not limited to volunteering in the local community; you may be able to become involved in international opportunities.

You will gain guidance on how to search for volunteering opportunities and how to use these to reflect on your progress.

Cordless Chords Choir

Figurines singing in a choirCome and be part of a fun and dynamic choir singing a range of songs from contemporary music, musicals, acapella and more.

Suitable for singers of all levels.

A chance to enjoy being part of a singing group; to perform with others or simply dip your feet into the world of music for an hour a week for enjoyment.

Creative Writing

If you love to write or would just like to try your hand at writing, then come along. You will be introduced to a variety of techniques and styles which you can try out for yourself.

Budding novelists, poets, scriptwriters, and journalists will have the opportunity to bring work along to share with like-minded others and get useful feedback and tips for improvement.

Throughout the year there will be competitions to enter, internal and external to the college.

Cyber Security

Learn why implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today, as there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative`

Dance Company

Dance Company is an auditioned company and practises and rehearses for a range of dance performances.

Past performances have been at Winchester University, Brock open events, and at The Pavilion in Bournemouth.


We want you to debate in a fun and confident environment where you can build confidence and skills at your own pace. Choose your own topics for debate and form teams in order to prepare for each weekly debate.

Choose to speak or choose to watch and vote at the end of a debate on which side was the most persuasive. Either way, we ask you to be reliable and hopefully enjoy the experience.

This enrichment is helpful to any student who writes essays and needs to learn how to argue and support a point of view. There may be opportunities to visit other colleges for debates if the group decides to prepare for it.

Driving Theory

A great opportunity to learn all you need for your driving theory test, taking part in group quizzes, theory sessions and watching supportive videos.

This enrichment gives you the help you will need to pass first time!

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a multi-discipline activity which runs at 3 levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

We can fully support and organise expeditions for Bronze and Silver levels. We can support Gold and put you in contact with a local group to assist with the expedition.

In general we recommend newcomers to the Award to start at Bronze level in their first year. If you have completed Bronze or Silver already then you can enrol at the higher levels.

All levels of the award have common activities, but with different timescales:

Volunteer – undertake a voluntary activity like helping at a local youth organisation or helping the elderly.

Skill – learn a new skill like driving a car or decorating a cake.

Physical – undertake a physical activity like dance, football or cycling.

Expedition – partake in an outdoor expedition carrying everything you need to be self-sufficient camping for 2, 3 or 4 days for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

In addition for Gold, there is a ‘Residential Activity’ that you must undertake.

Help will be given in choosing your activities, but they will be up to you to organise, complete and get signed off by someone who has witnessed you undertake the activity.

The expedition will be set up for you and in your team of between 4 and 7 people you will plan your own routes and menus for the duration of the expedition.

When you complete all sections and have had your evidence signed off by your leader, you will achieve a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


3 Sunday training walks in the New Forest (during the winter/spring)
Practice expedition in New Forest (a full weekend near Easter)
Assessed expedition in New Forest (a full weekend mid-June)

3 Saturday training walks in the New Forest, Purbeck and South Downs
Practice expedition in Purbeck (either the first or last 3 day weekend of the Easter holiday – avoiding the Easter weekend itself)
Assessed expedition in the South Downs (the Whitsun bank holiday weekend in May)


This enrichment is run by our resident careers specialist helping you develop your CV and workshop interview techniques readying you for the employment sector both after college and alongside your studies.

Film Club

Come and explore your favorite films.

Find out about different genres and styles of cinematography.

This is for anyone who has an interest in films.

Fitness Class

Close up of running shoesThe Brock fitness class is a great opportunity to get fit, have fun and meet new people whatever your fitness level.

Every week will be a different style of exercise responding to the students attending – come and have fun!

Football 5-a-side

5-a-side football is a fantastic opportunity to gain coaching to improve your football skills and simply have fun meeting meetnig like minded people.

You will have the opportunity to play on the college’s astro turf pitches as part of this popular enrichment.

The Hub

Happy toyThis will be a relaxed and fun group, where you will get a chance to meet new people develop your self confidence and build your self esteem.

This may be particularly useful if you are new to College, but is also open to students who have been here before.

The group is run by Christina the Emotional & Wellbeing Support Officer.


Come and have fun learning a variety of performance skills that will help you develop yourself as an all round performer, including straight/comedic acting including improvisation techniques, stage fighting, basic movement to music and audition techniques.

Throughout the course you will be developing pieces of script either as a monologue or a duologue, focusing on vocal skills, characterisation and direction.


Life Drawing

Over the History of Art, mankind has been fascinated by the visual recording of the human form.

This enrichment is valuable  for any Art & Design, Photography, Multimedia, Animation or creative student wishing to study the human form through Drawing and Mixed Media.

Dedicated and professional tutoring will be provided in the approach to drawing, studying proportion, form, anatomy, and the creative experimental approaches to a variety of media and mark making.


The LGBTQ+ is a safe space to meet new friends, chat and receive support if you would like.

Every year the LGBTQ run diferent events and make new things happen for example the LGBTQ tea party and the introduction of unisex toilets.


The Media enrichment will develop and support your skills and studies of media and film.

It will involve theoretical practice in the subject and introduce a range of practical outcomes, including scriptwriting, filming, editing and sound production.

Medical Matters

Enrichment courses are undertaken alongside your main studies and provide a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop existing talents and gain another qualification to support your UCAS entry and enhance your CV.

Musical Composition

This Enrichment will allow you to explore an eclectic range of styles of composition, from both an analytical and creative perspective.

You will have the opportunity to develop skills on Logic and Sibelius as well as having your pieces performed live within the Open Mic and Music Ensemble enrichments as part of the Performing Arts Academy.

All levels welcome.

Music Ensemble

This enrichment is designed for all instrumentalists and the course content is developed around genres which suit the instruments played.

Historically we have had a string quartet, brass ensemble and wind band with percussion exploring classical music to jazz.

Throughout the year you will be performing in the Performing Arts Academy Showcase and as part of the Open Mic Enrichment.

Musical Production

This years exciting Musical College Production is ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’, a vibrant upbeat fun musical set in space.

Where Shakespeare meets Star Trek meets B Movie meets Rock and Roll Audition to be part of this production as a Performer and / or as part of the Show band!

Music Theory

If you want to improve your music reading skills or knowledge of how pieces are composed, Music Theory will be a useful enrichment for you.

It’s a great way to build your theory knowledge as a musician or music technician.

Beginners to Grade 8 welcome!

The opportunity to take ABRSM grades in Music Theory is available, but not compulsory.

Open Mic

This Enrichment is a great opportunity to perform in the Kemball Theatre with lights, sound and full technical support.

Whether you want to try out new material with your band or solo, any performance styles welcome – dance, acting, music DJing – the floor is your’s.


Develop visual and technical skills in photography so that you can express yourself with originality and creative flair. Learn basic photography techniques, composition skills and  how to implement them into your own image taking.

Skills covered during enrichment photography:

-Visual skills and visual application.
-The use of professional industry software (Photoshop).
-Photographic techniques.
-Exposure, lighting a photographic image.
-Camera controls to support visual creativity.
-Basic alternative techniques.

Print Making

The course will cover four aspects of Printmaking. An introduction to:

  •    Monoprinting
  •    Collagraph
  •    Lino cut printing
  •    Dry Point Etching

A practical course with a ‘hands on’ approach; Demonstrations followed with technical support.

Programming 101

Programming #101: Learn the 5 Basic Concepts of Programming.

Relax & Refresh

Image of candle lit in the darkThis will be a group where you get the chance to experience relaxation techniques and learn how to feel refreshed and have a sense of wellbeing.

You will develop skills to manage stress and anxiety which most people experience from time to time.

The skills you learn will help make life feel easier on a day to day basis.


A fantastic opportunity to develop your science, engineering and teamwork skills by designing, building and programming a fully autonomous robot.

It’s open to all students whatever subjects you are taking.

The robot will compete against other robots from schools and colleges across the UK and Europe in an exhilarating and gruelling two day competition.

The whole thing is organised by Southampton University undergraduates who will provide assistance and support throughout the six months of the design and development stage.

The robot is built and tested in the workshop here at Brockenhurst College with extra help available at the ‘Tech Days’ held at Southampton University.

In the past four years teams from Brockenhurst College have managed one 2nd place and one 3rd place. If you think you’ve got what it takes – then rise to the challenge and perhaps we can win it this year!

This activity is very good for UCAS and job or apprenticeship applications. Especially if you are going into a science or engineering field. It shows that you have the ability and commitment to work as part of a team on a large project.

Stage Combat

This is an incredible opportunity to develop stage combat skills for us in a performance setting.

Working in pairs and larger groups you will learn both realistic stage fighting skills and also integrating props.

This enrichment provides opportunities to become involved in the college classical production’s fight company.

All levels welcome

Student Union

The Students Union is a group of students who represent all the students in the college, they help run events, raise money for charity and find out what you as students want.


Develop skills in textiles so that you can express yourself with originality and creative flair.

Learn basic creative textile techniques, in a practical workshop environment.

Skills covered during enrichment textiles:

  • The use of sewing machine to produce creative work
  • Fabric Manipulation
  • Feltmaking
  • Weaving
  • Printing and Dyeing


Yoga is a great way to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and core strength.  It is also very good for releasing tension and stress.

The class includes a warm up, a variety of yoga postures, stretches and sequences, a cool down and relaxation session.

The class is suitable for beginners and those with some previous experience as you will be able to work at your own level.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in easily.