Enrichment programme

Our Enrichment programme gives you a great opportunity to try something new alongside your main studies.

Whether you want to join a club for fun, or gain another qualification to support your UCAS entry, we have many Enrichment options to choose from.

Enrichment is a social part of College life where you will be able to make new friends as well as learn a new skill or a hobby.

We encourage you to participate in at least one Enrichment option during your time at Brock.

Enrichment options

Acapella Singing

If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect then you know the idea. Singing without backing tracks, using voices, instruments and objects to sing as a group.

Take part in flash mobs and perform at occasions. No experience necessary,  you just an interest in music, singing and lorry loads of enthusiasm.


Animation has become an increasingly important media form. Examples can be seen in platforms as different as advertising, feature films, mobile phone content, the internet, television and computer games.

Animation requires people with fresh, exciting ideas for new work, whilst larger companies will need individuals with specialist skills, such as storyboarding and ‘tweening’.

This enrichment aims to develop learners’ skills in the production of 2D and 3D animations using traditional and digital techniques. Learners will work on design, character, setting and narrative whilst also developing production techniques.


The badminton enrichment has been running for a number of years here at Brock. As a result this enrichment session has always had a good number of participants involved.

The sessions are held in the sports hall and offer recreational play as well as qualified coaching. The sessions are both fun and competitive, with an element of team play involved for those of a high standard.

Come along and take part in a fun and sociable activity in a supervised and relaxed environment.


Enrichment courses are undertaken alongside your main studies and provide a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop existing talents and gain another qualification to support your UCAS entry and enhance your CV.


The group is open to all students, and aims to support those who have been bereaved of a significant person, offering appropriate support and information.

We all grieve differently – in our own way and at our own pace. With the correct support and information, it is possible to move forward and manage life.

You are not on your own, even if it feels that way at times. The group is not formal and it will develop with you. Come and have a chat, share your story or just listen and support others.

Black Sheep Records

Blacksheep records brings musicians together for song writing and recording.

The aim of the enrichment group as a whole is to write and record an album, and play it live at the end of the year.

You will meet other like minded musicians and or produce solo work.

Broadway Singing

Come and join a fun laid-back enrichment session where you can sing songs from all your favourite musicals past and present as well as learning some new ones too.

Suits all levels of ability.

Enrichment courses are undertaken alongside your main studies and provide a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop existing talents and gain another qualification to support your UCAS entry and enhance your CV.


If you would like to have fun learning how to make your own Ceramics, 3D Sculpture and Pottery, this enrichment will introduce you to a variety of techniques.

You will gain a good understanding of the 3D design process, including developing your idea and the processes involved in order to produce the finished item.


Cheerleading is a fun and energetic sport which incorporates aspects of tumbling, dance, jumps, arm motions and stunts.

Cheerleading is all about working as a team and builds self-confidence.


As an ever growing economic giant, China plays an important role in our business world, especially for the UK as its No.1 business partner.

With 5000 years of history, Chinese also has a lot to offer in cultural perspectives.

This course will provide you opportunities to have a taste of Chinese culture and Chinese language, which will be a good starting point if you would like to progress your learning to the next.

Christian Union

A fun and friendly group.  We pray and study the Bible together, ask questions about God, play games and eat food!

College Newspaper/Magazine

If you are a budding journalist please come along and share your knowledge and enthusiasm.

All students can get involved and get their voice heard.

If you are looking to go forward into journalism, media or the arts, then this is a great way to gain experience.

Community Volunteers

Develop a sense of community spirit, gain experience and benefit your UCAS application.  You will learn interpersonal skills, team working, commitment and self-motivation by working within the community.

These opportunities are not limited to volunteering in the local community; you may be able to become involved in international opportunities.

You will gain guidance on how to search for volunteering opportunities and how to use these to reflect on your progress.

Creative Writing

If you love to write or would just like to try your hand at writing, then come along. You will be introduced to a variety of techniques and styles which you can try out for yourself.

Budding novelists, poets, scriptwriters, and journalists will have the opportunity to bring work along to share with like-minded others and get useful feedback and tips for improvement.

Throughout the year there will be competitions to enter, internal and external to the college.


The Criminology enrichment attracts a range of like-minded sociology, psychology, law and science students.

We explore areas such as the role of the police in reducing crime, criminal profiling, deception detection along with other techniques for interviewing eyewitnesses.

We ask questions and debate questions such as “How effective is prison?” and “Are criminals born or made?”  We set up crime scenes and ask you to deduce who the culprit is.


This enrichment will give you the opportunity to take part in a weekly dance class.

Using a broad range of styles from contemporary to street, you will learn both choreographed routines and also have the opportunity to try group and solo choreography.

A great course for dancers of every level to become involved, develop your skills and meet students with similar interests.

Dance Company

Dance Company is an auditioned company and practises and rehearses for a range of dance performances.

Past performances have been at Winchester University, Brock open events, and at The Pavilion in Bournemouth.


We want you to debate in a fun and confident environment where you can build confidence and skills at your own pace. Choose your own topics for debate and form teams in order to prepare for each weekly debate.

Choose to speak or choose to watch and vote at the end of a debate on which side was the most persuasive. Either way, we ask you to be reliable and hopefully enjoy the experience.

This enrichment is helpful to any student who writes essays and needs to learn how to argue and support a point of view. There may be opportunities to visit other colleges for debates if the group decides to prepare for it.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a multi-discipline activity which runs at 3 levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

We can fully support and organise expeditions for Bronze and Silver levels. We can support Gold and put you in contact with a local group to assist with the expedition.

In general we recommend newcomers to the Award to start at Bronze level in their first year. If you have completed Bronze or Silver already then you can enrol at the higher levels.

All levels of the award have common activities, but with different timescales:

Volunteer – undertake a voluntary activity like helping at a local youth organisation or helping the elderly.

Skill – learn a new skill like driving a car or decorating a cake.

Physical – undertake a physical activity like dance, football or cycling.

Expedition – partake in an outdoor expedition carrying everything you need to be self-sufficient camping for 2, 3 or 4 days for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

In addition for Gold, there is a ‘Residential Activity’ that you must undertake.

Help will be given in choosing your activities, but they will be up to you to organise, complete and get signed off by someone who has witnessed you undertake the activity.

The expedition will be set up for you and in your team of between 4 and 7 people you will plan your own routes and menus for the duration of the expedition.

When you complete all sections and have had your evidence signed off by your leader, you will achieve a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


3 Sunday training walks in the New Forest (during the winter/spring)
Practice expedition in New Forest (a full weekend near Easter)
Assessed expedition in New Forest (a full weekend mid-June)

3 Saturday training walks in the New Forest, Purbeck and South Downs
Practice expedition in Purbeck (either the first or last 3 day weekend of the Easter holiday – avoiding the Easter weekend itself)
Assessed expedition in the South Downs (the Whitsun bank holiday weekend in May)

Eco School

The Eco Schools group is an enrichment that encourages the college to be sustainable.

Come and help promote a nicer, greener more sustainable college.

Film Club

Come and explore your favorite films.

Find out about different genres and styles of cinematography.

This is for anyone who has an interest in films.

Football 7-a-side

Team19 intramural football league consist of teams made up of 7-8 players to play in a 6 a side league. Each team will be guaranteed at least one game a week.

The league will run throughout the year and a knockout cup competition will run alongside it.

Team19 is part of The FA and British Colleges Sport plans to get 16-19 year olds who don’t play football into the sport. This is a friendly and social league with non-academy players, all abilities welcome.

French Film Club

The French Film club gives students the opportunity to watch classic and modern French films.

You will explore different genres, characters and ways of telling stories. By watching and discussing the films, you’ll sharpen your critical skills broaden your horizons and become familiar with the more renowned directors and French stars.

All of our movies are shown with English subtitles.

If you are studying French it is very important to join the club as this will prepare you for unit 3 of your course (40% of your grade).


Geology is the study of the Earth and how it was formed – Geology enrichment will take you through the story of Earth from the Big Bang to the dinosaurs and beyond.

Sessions will include hands on practical work, fieldwork, and listening to inspirational experts talk about this fascinating subject.


LAMDA enrichment offers you the opportunity to develop your skills in Acting.

Throughout the course you will be developing pieces of script either as a monologue or a duologue, focusing on vocal skills, characterisation and direction.


Life Drawing

Over the History of Art, mankind has been fascinated by the visual recording of the human form.

This enrichment is valuable  for any Art & Design, Photography, Multimedia, Animation or creative student wishing to study the human form through Drawing and Mixed Media.

Dedicated and professional tutoring will be provided in the approach to drawing, studying proportion, form, anatomy, and the creative experimental approaches to a variety of media and mark making.

Lions International Camp

Explore life in other cultures by helping them travel abroad. Each Youth Camp includes an extended stay hosted by one of the Lions many international clubs.

As a participant in the Youth Camp and Exchange Programme, you will:

• Meet people your age from around the world
• Learn about the bonds we all share and the differences we respect in each other, no matter where we live

Most visits last between two and six weeks during which the participants stay with one or more host families in another country. This opportunity is offered via the Lions Club of New Milton. You are not expected to host an exchange visitor.


The Media enrichment will develop and support your skills and studies of media and film.

It will involve theoretical practice in the subject and introduce a range of practical outcomes, including scriptwriting, filming, editing and sound production.

Medical Matters

Enrichment courses are undertaken alongside your main studies and provide a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop existing talents and gain another qualification to support your UCAS entry and enhance your CV.

Music Theory

If you want to improve your music reading skills or knowledge of how pieces are composed, Music Theory will be a useful enrichment for you.

It’s a great way to build your theory knowledge as a musician or music technician.

Beginners to Grade 8 welcome!

The opportunity to take ABRSM grades in Music Theory is available, but not compulsory.


Enrichment courses are undertaken alongside your main studies and provide a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop existing talents and gain another qualification to support your UCAS entry and enhance your CV.

Come and play netball, this is open to all abilities and skills.


Develop visual and technical skills in photography so that you can express yourself with originality and creative flair. Learn basic photography techniques, composition skills and  how to implement them into your own image taking.

Skills covered during enrichment photography:

-Visual skills and visual application.
-The use of professional industry software (Photoshop).
-Photographic techniques.
-Exposure, lighting a photographic image.
-Camera controls to support visual creativity.
-Basic alternative techniques.


A fantastic opportunity to develop your science, engineering and teamwork skills by designing, building and programming a fully autonomous robot.

It’s open to all students whatever subjects you are taking.

The robot will compete against other robots from schools and colleges across the UK and Europe in an exhilarating and gruelling two day competition.

The whole thing is organised by Southampton University undergraduates who will provide assistance and support throughout the six months of the design and development stage.

The robot is built and tested in the workshop here at Brockenhurst College with extra help available at the ‘Tech Days’ held at Southampton University.

In the past four years teams from Brockenhurst College have managed one 2nd place and one 3rd place. If you think you’ve got what it takes – then rise to the challenge and perhaps we can win it this year!

This activity is very good for UCAS and job or apprenticeship applications. Especially if you are going into a science or engineering field. It shows that you have the ability and commitment to work as part of a team on a large project.

Sports Leadership

The Sports Leadership Enrichment is a great opportunity to develop practical leadership skills within a number of different sports.

There will also be a chance to gain accredited National Governing Body qualifications to help support your CV (fee may apply).

Student Union

The Students Union is a group of students who represent all the students in the college, they help run events, raise money for charity and find out what you as students want.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a fast growing sport within both HE and FE sectors.

Our enrichment sessions combine informal play, some coaching and skills drills from a club coach.

Whether you are a regular player or it’s your first time at a table, you will enjoy the chance to take up a very socially engaging and fun activity.


A fun enrichment for those of you who fancy something practical and slightly musical.

You will firstly design, build and then learn to play your very own ukulele (all materials provided).

No previous practical or musical skills are required just a sense of fun and enthusiasm needed.

Walking/Running Club

Enrichment courses are undertaken alongside your main studies and provide a great opportunity to learn new skills, develop existing talents and gain another qualification to support your UCAS entry and enhance your CV.


Yoga is a great way to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and core strength.  It is also very good for releasing tension and stress.

The class includes a warm up, a variety of yoga postures, stretches and sequences, a cool down and relaxation session.

The class is suitable for beginners and those with some previous experience as you will be able to work at your own level.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in easily.

How to sign up for an Enrichment


Your choice will be confirmed when you visit us for your enrollment appointment.

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