Travelling To Brock

Travelling to Brock

We are easily accessible by train or via our extensive bus network.

Trains to/from Bournemouth currently run up to 4 times per hour and trains to/from Southampton run up to 3 times per hour.

College buses arrive by 8:50am for the 9:00am start and depart at 4:30pm.

Travelling by bus

Our extensive bus network covers the wider Ringwood area, Totton and the Waterside, Lymington, Highcliffe, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Southampton and Wimborne plus numerous towns and villages in between.

For increased flexibility, 2023/24 College bus passes will be valid – including evenings and weekends – on the Blue Star 6, 8 & 9 and the More Bus X1/X2, X3 & X6 public services at no extra charge.

For 2023/24 we are offering subsidised bus passes on a full academic year, termly and monthly basis and students eligible for the Discretionary Bursary can now purchase a bus pass for only £40 p/month.

2023/24 Bus Costs

Bus passes will be available for purchase via our new online store from mid-August. Please register an account and follow the on-screen instructions to link to your student record.

2023/24 timetables can be found below and an updated route map (NB: 2022/23 routes shown here) will be released shortly.


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2023/24 Bus Timetables & Route Changes

2023/24 Bus Timetables

Updated timetables for our 2023/24 bus provision can be found here

Please note the route changes detailed below and check timetables again before travelling in September.

Calmore, Totton, Cadnam, Bartley, Netley Marsh & Lyndhurst (C5/C19)

The C5 will enter service in the wider Wellow/Landford area and serve Cadnam, Bartley & Netley Marsh pre-Totton. Returning students please refer to the updated timetable and note the inbound C5 now serves stops on the eastbound (towards Totton) side of the A336.

Cadnam Roundabout (Southampton Rd) will be served at 07:51 am, Bartley will be served from the stop opposite the Haywain at 07:52 am & Netley Marsh from the stop opposite the White Horse at 07:56 am.

The C5 route through Calmore has been extended to include Blackwater Drive and introduce the Mortimer Close stop (served at 08:09 am and, from Testwood, accessed via footpaths from Sutton Road, The Redfords or Hammonds Lane).

The C5 will no longer operate along Salisbury Road or through Central Totton however the Morrisons’ stop on Michigan Way (08:00 am) and Friars Croft stop in Calmore (08:04 am) have been reintroduced. We recommend that students from Central Totton obtain a 16-17 Saver railcard for discounted travel and utilise the rail network for increased flexibility.

The C5 continues to serve Calmore Corner & West Totton and, inbound to Brockenhurst, will operate via Ashurst to avoid the morning congestion at Pikes Hill. Passengers from Lyndhurst will now board at the Fire Station stop at 08:31 am. Outbound from Brockenhurst, the C5 will continue to serve both the Crown Hotel & Pikes Hill stops (2022/23 route).

Christchurch, Somerford, Purewell & New Milton (C11/C20)

Somerford & Purewell will now be served exclusively – and with a significantly reduced commute – by our C11 bus service.

Post-Christchurch, the C11 will operate along the A35 to Somerford and serve the Meteor Shopping Park at 08:04 am. The Medical Centre stop (08:08 am) on Purewell Cross Road will then be served before the C11 continues to Burton.

The C20 will enter service in Stanpit and serve Mudeford Church at 07:35 am and the stop opposite the Sandpiper at 07:37 am before continuing to Highcliffe.

The C20 will operate along Christchurch Road to Milford via Old Milton with new stops introduced at the Milestone Roundabout (07:46 am for Walkford residents) and, for Old Milton & Barton residents, stops opposite The House Martin (07:48 am) & Green Lane (07:51 am on Milford Road).

The C20 route Downton/Milford-onward (e.g. Everton, Hordle, etc.) is unchanged from 2022/23 however, with no returning passengers from New Milton and a clear applicant trend towards use of the rail network from this area, the 2023/24 C20 has not been timetabled to operate along Gore Road or serve New Milton. We recommend that students from New Milton obtain a 16-17 Saverrailcard for discounted travel and utilise the rail network for increased flexibility.

Hythe, Applemore, Butts Ash & Dibden Purlieu (C1/C2/C17)

Routes and timings within this area are largely unchanged from 2022/23 however the C1 will now operate as an inbound-only service.

The inbound C2 is unchanged. Outbound from Brockenhurst, the bus will operate as the C12 service and, post-Netley View, incorporate stops in Hythe before continuing to Butts Ash.

The 2022/23 C17 (operating as the C7 for 2023/24) route is unchanged inbound to Brockenhurst. Outbound from Brockenhurst, the bus will operate as the C17 service and operate to Marchwood via Applemore (not serving Hythe).

All passengers from Hythe (as served inbound by the C1 & C7 services) should board the outbound C12 service. Passengers for stops on Rollestone Road may wish to use the C4 outbound from Brockenhurst (served by both the C2 & C4 inbound).

In addition to the flexibility available through the use of the BlueStar 6, 8 & 9 public services, we are exploring offering mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon Waterside services from January 2024.

Salisbury, Rowbarrow, Downton, Landford & Bramshaw (C5/C15/C19)

A review conducted this year has led the College to make necessary revisions to our Salisbury through Landford bus provision (formerly the C19 service).

Despite considerable ongoing College subsidies, offering a C19 service for the coming academic year has proven unviable. We have therefore revised our C5 & C15 bus services to provide both applicants and returning students with an alternative provision and have amalgamated the majority of stops previously served by the C19 into these services. An overview can be found below; for more information, please email

Salisbury & Rowbarrow will be served by the C15 bus service. Milford Street will be served at 07:24 am, Coombe Road/Odstock Road at 07:32 am & Longhill Drive at 07:34 am.

Downton will be served at 07:45 am and exclusively by the C15 at the Bull Hotel stop on the A338. The bus will then continue down the A338 to operate via Fordingbridge & Ringwood. Please note the C15 will not enter Downton Village and we are unable to offer stops in Woodfalls/Morgans Vale for 2023/24.

Passengers from Landford and Bramshaw can now board the C5 bus service. Beech Grange will be served at 07:39 am and Stocks Cross at 07:44 am. The C5 revision has also introduced inbound-only stops at Whinwhistle Corner (07:30 am) & Canada Corner (07:32 am).

Travelling by train

Costing just £30 per year, the 16-17 Saver railcard affords a 50% discount on single, return and season tickets and we strongly recommend our students under 18 obtain one.

For students with a 3 or 4-day timetable, purchasing daily return tickets typically proves the more cost-effective approach. For students with a 5-day timetable, purchasing up to 6x custom period tickets (in line with our half term dates) is often recommended. Please email for guidance.

Students turning 18 during the academic year, including those on a 3 or 4-day timetable, should consider buying a discounted season ticket prior to turning 18. Season tickets purchased immediately before the Saver discount expires may continue to be valid for up to 4 months after the holder turns 18.


Walking between the station and the College takes just 7 minutes

Travelling to Marchwood

Our C27 bus operates direct from Totton train station to the Construction & Marine Technologies Training Centre in Marchwood Industrial Park.

The BlueStar 8 & BlueStar 9 public services connect Hythe and the Waterside to Marchwood village with a 7-minute walk to the Centre. Please check below for an updated C27 timetable before travelling in September.

Construction student in warehouse

Travelling by car

Parking permits for our large student car park will be available for purchase via our online shop from September 2023 (with reduced rates from January 2024).

A one-way system is in place. All drivers must enter the site via the main entrance and leave via North Road.


Travel for International Students

International students on a full year programme may have a travel pass included with their accommodation. Please contact the International Department for full details.


Parents wishing to report absences can do so by emailing or calling.

01590 625530

Travel enquiries

01590 625533