Mock Exams

Mock Timetable

You will sit your exam in the box allocated to your subject.

9:00 -12:00ACFH
12:00 – 12:50LUNCH
12:50 – 3:50DGBE


1. When will my mock exam take place?

This will be different from a normal mock timetable (in non-remote times).  Instead of all e.g. maths students having their exam at the same time, you will have your mock on the same morning or afternoon when you normally have that subject. Your teacher will confirm when that is.

For example, if you have Physics in A box, your exam will be on Tuesday morning.

2. How will the college prevent cheating?

We are asking parents to supervise the mock where possible. Strict guidelines have been issued:

  • No use of mobile phones
  • No use of textbooks
  • No use of computer (unless it is a computer based exam, or the student is entitled to use a laptop.
  • If it is an essay based subject, students to hand write their answers in the time limit

3. What if I am entitled to extra time? Or have a reader or a scribe?

Please contact your teacher to let them know what exam arrangements you usually have.

Parents and student responsibility:

  • Manage time, provide the correct amount of time, including 25% extra time if allowed
  • Act as a reader if your son/daughter requires this support where possible

If this isn’t possible, you must contact your teacher ASAP prior to the exam week

4. Your teacher will explain how to submit the work to the teacher for marking?

You may be required to transcribe hand-written answers and type these up to be submitted electronically. This will need to be completed by 5pm on Friday 29th January. Your teacher will advise you of how upload your work. (If you have Microsoft 365 you can use the dictate function and then double check for errors)

5. How will the teacher be confident that it is my own work?

When a student submits their work they will in effect be ‘signing’ a declaration which says, I promise this is my own work and it has been completed without any help from anyone else, including other students, friends or my family members.  I have not used the internet, textbooks, or mobile phone or any other outside source of information to help me complete this.

Should a student be found to have broken these guidelines, this will be considered to be plagiarism and the College will take disciplinary action. This will potentially affect a student’s final A-level grade, as it will be taken into account during overall College assessment. 

6. What happens if I stick to the rules but other people in my subject don’t?

The exam is confidential.

If students share any information regarding the exam, they could disadvantage themselves as other students may gain a higher mark.

These results will only form a part of the evidence we consider, achievement prior to this and after the mocks will be counted.  Teacher assessed grades will be based on evidence and reflect work that is submitted.  We still have four months to go before the end of the course in which we can collect evidence.  Results that are significantly out of line with previous results will attract greater scrutiny.

Sticking to the rules provides the most powerful information to students and teachers to understand what students do or do not understand, or what skills they need to develop during the remainder of their course.  A mock is an important learning tool to inform students where they need to focus their efforts.

7. Why can’t we all have the same exam at the same time?

In a normal examination series, a significant number of students will have a clash.  We cannot manage clashes in a remote exam situation.

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