Brock STEM Awards recognises top students

7 December 2017

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High-flying second year STEM students from Brockenhurst College were honoured at the College’s annual STEM Awards recently.

The twilight event was sponsored by Brock’s local industry partners: Fawley-based GEO Specialty Chemicals and Lymington-based Bridgeworks.

It saw 25 students pick up gold or silver awards, along with cash prizes, across the full range of STEM subjects.

Winners earned their awards for a variety of reasons, but all showed dedication, commitment and hard work in their studies.

Graham Dunkley from GEO and David Trossell from Bridgeworks presented the certificates, along with £50 for gold and £25 for silver.

Graham Dunkley said afterwards: “GEO Speciality Chemicals is very pleased to be associated with Brockenhurst College and particularly the STEM Awards.  I would like to congratulate the award winners for all their hard work and efforts.”

Meanwhile, David Trossell from Bridgeworks said: “Young people are the future of our country and the economy, so the achievements we recognise tonight are really encouraging.”

The ceremony, which was held at the College’s new STEM Centre, was also attended by Principal Di Roberts CBE and Assistant Principal Ann Johnson.

Ann Johnson said: “As well as extending my congratulations to the students who won awards, I wish to thank our sponsors whose contribution has made this event a real success.”

You can see the full list of awards and award winners below.


Gold awards Sponsored by GEO Speciality Chemicals:

Biology A Level Dahria Kuyser
Chemistry A Level Alex Forster
Physics A Level Nathan McKeown-Luckly
Environmental Science A Level Hayley Roberts
Geology A Level Elissa Gillies
BTEC Applied Science Josh Hooper
Maths A Level Bruna Masset
Maths Further A Level Pedro Xiao
Maths- Uses Emily Duckett


Gold awards sponsored by Bridgeworks:

Engineering BTEC Sam Richards
Extended Project for Engineering Alistair Haddow
Electronics A Level Duncan White
Design and technology A Level Othello Carr-Jones
Computing  BTEC Tom Cunningham
Computing  A Level Ralph Roberts

Silver awards Sponsored by GEO Speciality Chemicals:

Biology A Level Reem Aboushousha
Chemistry A Level Harry Crosswell
Physics A Level Zoe Farrant
Maths A Level Carys Aspden

Silver awards sponsored by Bridgeworks:

Engineering BTEC Anthony Asciak
Extended Project for Engineering Sami Helali
Electronics A Level Connor Wainman
Design and technology A Level Joshua Li
Computing  BTEC Daniel Ragettli
Computing  A Level Adam Parham