Brock students score highly in UK-wide Senior Individual Maths Challenge

16 December 2016

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Maths students from Brockenhurst College made a big impact in the UK-wide Senior Individual Maths Challenge, with just under half finishing in the top 10%.

Nine out of the 20 Brock entrants achieved the coveted Gold Certificate for their performances, placing them in the highest results category.

Six Brock students achieved Silver Certificates for making it into the top 20%, and two achieved Bronze Certificates by securing places in the top 30%.

The results came after the students sat specially-set exams at the College recently to discover where they sat nationally.

Two Brock competitors, Pedro (Boshi) Xiao and DJ (Qiwen) Deng, even qualified to participate in the British Mathematics Olympiad next year.

Pedro said afterwards: “I see the Individual Maths Challenge as a celebration of the subject across the country and am grateful to represent the College.

“This is one of the many opportunities that I have received from Brock – teachers here really go the extra mile,” he added.

Director of Curriculum Ann Johnson said: “Every year some of our top students go to Oxford and Cambridge to study Maths, so we thought it was time to enter the Individual Maths Challenge.”