Brock students take Gold and Silver in national Fitness Trainer Competition

25 April 2023

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Brockenhurst College students dominated the Association of Colleges Fitness Trainer Competition this year, with Jack Taylor winning Gold to become champion and Zoe Torevelle taking Silver.

Zoe Torevelle and Jack Taylor

The final was held at the University of Nottingham earlier this month and saw eight finalists – four of whom were Brock students – go head-to-head to impress judges.

Jack, who is set to study Sports Massage Therapy at university, said: “The competition has been amazing, and to have three of my classmates with me was even better.

“I am surprised at being the champion, but I did put all my effort into winning – it has been a great experience and I have learned a lot through it all.

“I couldn’t have done it without the great support around me, especially my teachers, Kirsty Buckland, Alan Steel and Kevin Jones, plus my ‘client’ for the competition, Eryx Vane-Percy.”

The Association of Colleges reported on its website: ‘Jack performed well throughout the stages of competition and provided the judging team with some very memorable and exciting sessions. He brings passion, personality and creativity.’

It all began when six Brock students entered the passive phase of the competition last autumn, against 96 other students nationally.

This required them to complete an online test demonstrating knowledge and understanding of personal training.

Four Brock students then made it through to an online qualifier against 36 other competitors.

This involved a session plan submission, a virtually delivered PT session with a client or clients, and demonstration of exercise movements (hard skills).

All four successfully passed this stage and progressed to the ultimate stage in Nottingham.

During the final they were assessed on various elements of personal training using real-life industry-based scenarios, pushing them well beyond anything they had done before.

Among other things, they were assessed on session planning, session delivery, fitness testing, business understanding and marketing.

Sport teacher Kirsty Buckland said: “Jack has worked really hard and applied his course knowledge well to secure Gold in this hard-fought national competition.

“I’m extremely proud of how all four of our finalists held their own. Making up half the field in the final and then finishing with first and second place is an astonishing achievement.”

The Bronze medal was awarded to Jason Redpath from Gateshead College.