Brock to launch new course in Criminology

Brock to launch new course in Criminology

Brockenhurst College will launch a new Level 3 course in Criminology this September, broadening its Social Sciences learning provision.

The new programme, which is equivalent to one A Level, will be of particular interest to students hoping to launch careers in the criminal justice system.

It will also act to complement subjects such as Psychology, Sociology Law, Business, Politics, Media Studies and Science.

In addition, it will sit well alongside the College’s Enrichment option in Forensic Science.

Among other things, learners will explore the circumstances that lead to the commission of real-life crime.

Criminology teacher Declan Kerr said: “Criminology is my specialist discipline so I’m really excited to be teaching this new course.

“If you want to explore the processes behind the criminal justice system, or debate the real reasons why people turn to crime, then this is the subject for you.

“Right now there is high demand for people to enter roles in criminal justice, so now is a better time than ever to be launching this innovative and applied course.”