Brockenhurst College STEM Awards ‘not just about the winners’

16 March 2021

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Top performing STEM students at Brockenhurst College were recognised at the College’s STEM Awards ceremony on Friday, which went ahead online for the first time.

The twilight event was sponsored by two of the College’s local industry partners: Hythe based GEO Specialty Chemicals and Lymington based computer data experts Bridgeworks.

Winner Hudson Ashmoore

Twenty-seven awards covering the College’s entire STEM learning provision, which is the collective name given to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects, were presented.

Winners picked up Amazon vouchers worth £100 or £50 for Gold or Silver Awards, respectively.

The ceremony marked the conclusion of British Science Week, which saw the College engage with initiatives focussed on both scientific discovery and career progression into the STEM sector.

Principal Polly Perkins CBE opened proceeding by telling viewers: “It’s not just about the winners. That’s because we’re also here to celebrate the students who pushed our winners all the way with their own achievements.

“Indeed, it’s always a tight race to pick up a STEM Award, which is testament to the quality of STEM teaching and learning here at the College.”

Winner Kelvin Liu

Among the most notable winners were Kelvin Liu, who won two Gold Awards, for Further Maths and Computer Science, and Hudson Ashmoore, who won two Silver Awards, for Maths and Electronics.

Nick Liptrot, Managing Director at event sponsor GEO Speciality Chemicals, said: “As a local manufacturer of speciality chemicals, we understand the importance of the sciences and the benefits they bring to everybody’s lives.

“The skills and knowledge you are gaining at Brock are absolutely crucial to the future prosperity of companies such as ours and to the UK economy as a whole.”

David Trossell, Chief Executive Officer at event sponsor Bridgeworks, said: “Thank you to all the staff at Brockenhurst College for making this happen this year in difficult circumstances.

He then added: “Congratulations to all those who have won – well done, it’s brilliant for you.”

You can see the full list of awards and award winners below.


GEO Specialty Chemicals:

Biology A Level (Gold) – Finley Watton

Biology A Level (Silver) – Elliot Oram

Chemistry A Level (Gold) – Yasmin Hammad

Chemistry A Level (Silver) – Tanisha Miah

Physics A Level (Gold) – Berkay Bilik

Physics A Level (Silver) – Michael Taylor

Environmental Science A Level (Gold) – Vanda Czene

Environmental Science A Level (Silver) – Janek Codlin

Geology A Level (Gold) – Cameron Priddle

Geology A Level (Silver) – Faith Pressey

Applied Science Level 3 A Level equivalent (Gold) – Amber Steege

Applied Science Level 3 A Level equivalent (Silver) – Becca Collett

Maths A Level (Gold) – Daniel Gouveia Javeed

Maths A Level (Silver) – Hudson Ashmoore

Further Maths A Level (Gold) – Kelvin Liu

Further Maths A Level (Silver) – Matthew Coxon



Engineering Level 3 (Gold) – Sean Kennedy

Engineering Level 3 (Silver) – Peter Piesing

Electronics A Level (Gold) – Joshua Milligan

Electronics A Level (Silver) – Hudson Ashmoore

Product Design A Level (Gold) – Tom Winfield

Product Design A Level (Silver) – Darcy French

IT Level 3 (Gold) – Leo Hammond-Montana

IT Level 3 (Silver) – Caitlin Baggs

Computer Science A Level (Gold) – Kelvin Liu

Computer Science A Level (Silver) – Oscar Barnard

IT Level 3 A Level equivalent (Gold) – Max Meadwell