Cambridge academics run university application masterclass at Brockenhurst College

18 October 2016

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cambridgeStudents at Brockenhurst College received a masterclass in how to secure places at top universities when ten academics from Trinity College Cambridge visited recently.

A total of 135 A Level students from the College’s Gifted & Talented programme listened to advice on how to put forward the strongest possible university application.

The day focussed on how to improve personal statements and interview techniques, as well as dispelling myths about who can apply to Cambridge.

There were also subject-specific small-group sessions concentrating on applying for degrees in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, History, Neuroscience, Law, Linguistics, Medicine, Maths and French Literature.

In addition, former Brock student Seb Millar, who now studies Mathematics at Cambridge, spoke to Further Maths students about his university experience and how to achieve application success.

He is one of the 22% of Brockenhurst College leavers who enrol each year at Russell Group universities – the national average is 18%.

Chemistry student Alex Naula said: “I particularly enjoyed the session on how the human brain works, which included a live experiment on how it can be fooled.”

Director of Curriculum Ann Johnson said: “This was a golden opportunity for students to gather invaluable advice about applying to the best universities.

“We hope that this event helps us maintain our excellent record of students progressing to top institutions of higher education.”

Sixth year medical student at Trinity College Cambridge, Tess Marshall, said: “I’ve come here today to answer any questions they may have about exams, the applications process, or medicine in general.

“I’ve found this event particularly useful in helping dispel any myths the students may have heard about applying to leading universities.”