Jimmy from Jimmy’s Iced Coffee returns to Brock to give Entrepreneurship talk

20 November 2018

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Founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Jim Cregan, visited the College recently to deliver a talk to BTEC Business students.

In 2010 Jim handed out his first production line samples of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee at Brock to favourable reviews.

Today his range of iced coffees are available all over the UK from Sainsbury’s to Selfridges, taking on coffee giants such as Starbucks.

During his visit Jim spoke about company culture, personal motivations and what is next for the Jimmy’s brand.

He also spoke at length about getting his fledgling business off the ground.

It was after returning from Australia, where iced coffee was available in abundance, that Jim spotted a gap in the UK market and soon after Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was born.

First year Business student Libby Eastwood said: “I learned a lot from Jim’s talk today and I can now see how powerful storytelling can be for a brand.

“It’s cool to hear about a brand that was started by somebody who’s honest and didn’t just set out to make money but to offer a unique product that he is clearly very passionate about,” she added.

Business Lecturer Alex Carr said: “It was fantastic to have Jim in to tell his story of entrepreneurship first-hand, and many of the students left feeling hopeful and inspired.

“The talk relates to our entrepreneurship and business start-up unit, and Jimmy’s will be used as a case study for a range of business coursework units.”

Following his talk, Jim said: “I’m a very simple person telling a very simple story, and I would love to think that it could inspire some of the students here today to run with an idea they have, put everything into it, and see where it takes them.”