Mock EU Council at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

12 January 2015

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Two of MOCK EUBrock’s A2 students, Shaneen Olmos and Jose San Paolo, represented the College in December at the 2014 Mock EU Council at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.

Shaneen and Jose, who are studying French, Spanish and Chinese, used the Mock Council to give them the opportunity to experience first-hand the European Union’s decision-making processes.

Participants took on the roles of civil servants, ministers and prime ministers of the 28 member states of the European Union.

The event allowed them to exercise their debating and negotiation skills, to develop their judgement and to practise their foreign language abilities and to gain a better understanding of how the European Union works.

Shaneen said: “The Mock EU Council was an interesting and unique experience that I recommend for other students to try and take part in if they are presented with such opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed every second; from the research I had to do on the country I was representing to the formal meeting with other student member states. It gave me a bigger insight on my different career options in languages and it pushed me out of my comfort zone to do something more different and unique. I absolutely enjoyed it and wish I could do it again!”