Public Services Graduation Parade and Awards

Public Services Graduation Parade and Awards

Eighty Public Services students from Brockenhurst College took part in a Graduation Parade at the College recently.

This was followed by an awards ceremony during which individual achievements were recognised by representatives of various public service bodies.

Around half the students involved were graduating from their studies at the event, which was attended by distinguished guests, parents and college staff.

Before the parade, the Commandant of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Army Cadet Force Colonel Andrew Dawes, inspected the parade, who were all members of the College’s Army Cadet Force Unit.

Once re-assembled in the Gymnasium for the awards ceremony, members of the College’s Community Action Volunteer Group (CAV) gave a presentation about their activities over the last year.

These included spending a day with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, and performing landscaping duties at Furzey Gardens in Minstead alongside adults with learning difficulties.

The CAV Group also presented a cheque for £630 to Elisa McEwen, who is the sister of former Brock Public Services student Andrea Kennedy, from Bransgore, who died from bone cancer in 2014 aged 40.

The money was raised through a sponsored overnight rowing event in the Sports Hall, and will fund activities at the Kent hospice that cared for Andrea under an initiative set up in her memory known as Andi’s Gift.

Award-winner and graduating student, Olivia Phillips-Timlin, said: “The past two years have been really hard work, but I’ve been able to take part in some really good charity and volunteering campaigns.

“I’m already half-way through the recruitment process to be a medical assistant in the Royal Navy, but I’m hoping my Police application will be successful and takes me in that direction instead,” she added.

Colonel Dawes said: “Brockenhurst College’s Army Cadet Force Unit is the largest detachment in the county and makes up 80 of the 1,200 cadets in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

“Witnessing their passion and professionalism gives me high hopes for the future of this country’s armed forces, blue-light services and other public service organisations.”


Here are the awards in full:

AWARD:                     The Royal Navy Shield

GIVEN FOR:              Overall improvement

RECIPIENT:               Elliot Peach

PRESENTED BY:     Chief Petty Officer Jack Goozee RN


AWARD:                     The Royal Air Force Shield

GIVEN FOR:              Most outstanding student on Level 2 Diploma in Teamwork and Leadership

RECIPIENT:              Ollie Hart


PRESENTED BY:   Flight Lieutenant David Sinclair RAF


AWARD:                     South Atlantic Medal Association

GIVEN FOR:              Leadership and physical and mental determination

RECIPIENT:               Callum Angus

PRESENTED BY       Deputy College Principal Anne Johnson


AWARD:                     The Marchwood Shield

GIVEN FOR:              Achieving Distinction in studies

RECIPIENT:               Cameron Sey

PRESENTED BY       Major Alison Shields RLC


AWARD:                       Hampshire Constabulary Award

GIVEN FOR:                Dedication, loyalty and achievement

RECIPIENT:               Maciej Zynkowski

PRESENTED BY:      Acting Inspector Alison Jones


AWARD:                     The Normandy Veterans’ Trophy

GIVEN FOR:              Best overall military skills

RECIPIENT:               Megan Brewer

PRESENTED BY:     Group Captain Richard Connelly


AWARD:                     Hampshire Fire & Rescue Shield

GIVEN FOR:              Consistently high standard of work

RECIPIENT:               Hayden Beale

PRESENTED BY:      Commander Paul Reddish


AWARD:                     Dorset Police Award

GIVEN FOR:              Excellent academic results

RECIPIENT:               Kelly Blachford

PRESENTED BY:      Special Inspector Mark Bussell


AWARD:                     Community Action Volunteers Award

GIVEN FOR:              Positive approach

RECIPIENT:               Olivia Phillips-Timlin

PRESENTED BY:      PCSO Richard Williams


AWARD:                     The Army Cadet Force Shield

GIVEN FOR:              Commitment

RECIPIENT:               Kieran Read

PRESENTED BY:      Colonel Andrew Dawes ACF