Ten new FREE adult distance-learning courses covering safeguarding and mental health

27 November 2019

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Brockenhurst College has announced it now offers ten FREE adult distance-learning courses related to wellbeing issues such as safeguarding and mental health.

These highly recognised Vocational qualifications at Level 2 are government funded, and each one is designed to help over-19s either establish or advance their careers.

The new programmes are aimed particularly at teaching and/or care professionals, although anyone can apply if they are UK/EU citizens.

Although most of the new courses are focussed on health and care, applicants may select a new Prevent qualification, which aims to help people identify and tackle radicalisation.

The Prevent programme is targeted particularly at professionals working with teenagers through schools or youth groups.

It corresponds closely with the government’s Prevent strategy aimed at tackling radicalisation of any kind.

The ten new offerings are part of 35 free adult distance learning courses available at the College.

Dementia care, understanding autism, nutrition, working with young people, and providing end of life care all form part of the overall adult distance-learning provision.

In addition, learners can obtain equality and diversity training for a range of purposes.

Assistant Principal Dominic Chapman said: “We are very pleased to extend our adult distance learning provision into these new areas.

“All students have a dedicated tutor available by telephone and email to guide them through online learning resources.

“There is also access to support and learning facilities at our Learning Resources Centre, which is on our main campus in Brockenhurst.”

To find out more about all adult distance-learning courses at Brockenhurst College, please visit: