THREE backstage tours in a day for stage students visiting London’s West End

31 January 2020

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Students of stage production pulled off a triple-bill of theatre tours in London last Friday and met with former Brock students who have forged high-level careers in the theatre business.

The group of Production Arts, and Sound, Light and Stage students first met with ex-Brock learner Andy Lawson, who is Theatre Manager at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End.

He gave the students a backstage tour before telling them about how he ended up working in a top establishment in the capital’s famous theatre district.

Next, they travelled to the Duke of York Theatre, where ex-Brock student Pete Chapman, who is the Chief LX (electrics and lighting) practitioner there, extended the same backstage access hospitality.

The group went up in the rigging above the Duke’s stage and even went out on the roof of the theatre to take in the views before hearing from Pete about his career trajectory.

Following that experience, students went to the world-famous Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to meet Senior Stage Manger Simon Catchpole.

Simon gave them ANOTHER backstage tour and explained a range of stage technologies and ways into the industry.

Student Rosie White said: “I found the tours very inspiring as it shows just how far Brock students have made it in the technical theatre industry – it gave us something to aspire to and work towards.”

Trip organiser and teacher Alexa Phillips said: “This trip was a valuable opportunity for our current students to see the growth in the industry and to explore different career paths.

“It was wonderful to see our former students and to see how well they have progressed. We were very grateful for this exclusive experience,” she added.