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AAT & CMI Professional Courses

At Brockenhurst College, we are committed to providing routes to qualifications that carry professional accreditation, enabling you to progress in your chosen field.

Our blended learning courses, in partnership with Mindful Education, provide the perfect combination of online learning alongside regular lessons on campus.

With an AAT or CMI accreditation on your CV, you can pitch yourself as a suitable candidate for accounting or management posts that previously appeared out of reach.


Online and On Campus


You will study award-winning video lessons, which are available on-demand and can be viewed from your phone, tablet or computer. This means you can choose how, when and where you want to study. Each lesson lasts around 45 minutes and is accompanied by animations and motion graphics that bring concepts to life. Meanwhile, practice questions, downloadable lesson materials and interactive case studies will help enhance your learning experience further. You should expect to spend between three and six hours studying independently online each week, depending on your level of study.

On Campus

You benefit from regular classes with your college Tutor, without having to commit to attending on multiple evenings each week. Your Tutor will review what you have learned during your online lessons and will be on-hand to provide guidance on progress and assessment. Also, regular discussion with classmates will help you reinforce key points while providing additional support and motivation.

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