Sixth Form

At Brockenhurst College we focus hard on study while also striving to help you grow as a person, enjoy new experiences and identify your next steps.

We provide the widest range of Sixth Form courses available locally, giving you the choice of more subject combinations. Plus, you will benefit from more independence than school, just like you would at university.

Importantly, the College is a friendly, inclusive and stimulating environment where everyone is encouraged to fulfil their potential and follow their dreams.

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A portrait photography of Brockenhurst College Principal, Helen Odhams.

Welcome from the Principal

Here at Brock, we are committed to being the catalyst behind your progress during the next stage of your education, providing the ideal environment for both personal and academic development. Indeed, all our staff are invested wholeheartedly in supporting you to excel in your studies and grow as an individual. This means you will develop further knowledge, skills and personal attributes, equipping to take your next steps after college.

The defining culture at Brock is one of academic excellence. In addition, there is a strong culture of inclusion, respect and personal responsibility. We are confident that these strengths, along with our continued support, will enable you to realise your potential and develop into an independent, lifelong learner.

With this in mind, we know that every young person is different. This is why we work with you during the application and enrolment period to create a bespoke Study Programme that meets your interests, abilities and future aspirations.

As a student, you will combine your academic learning with our wide-ranging Enrichment programme. This will enable you to develop a broader set of skills and meet new, like-minded people who share your interests. For example, you may wish to learn a new skill such as sign language or enhance your UCAS application by joining our Vets and Medics programme.

You will also benefit from the expertise of our teachers, who are all experienced professionals in post-16 education. They are specialists both in their subjects and in providing the wraparound support you need in order to develop, succeed and progress. In fact, student feedback regularly praises the additional support, advice and guidance provided by our teachers and Professional Services staff. This assistance will help you every step of the way throughout your Brock journey.

To discover more about what makes Brockenhurst College a special place to learn, succeed and make lifelong friends, please book to attend any of our Open Events. Each one is a valuable opportunity to speak to teachers, explore the campus and ask any questions about subjects and college life.

Above all else, we will work with you to ensure you enjoy an inspiring and rewarding learning experience, and we very much look forward to welcoming you to the College as a student.

Helen Odhams 
Principal and CEO

Top ten reasons
to choose Brock

At Brock we are specialists in 16–19 education and provide a package of academic and pastoral benefits that is unique. Look now as we give you a rundown of the Top TEN things that make Brock special…

Specialist 16-19 teachers

All our teachers are specialists in 16–19 education, which means they treat you like an adult and understand how to get the best out of you. They are also experts in their subjects. For example, Vocational course teachers have industry experience that informs all teaching and learning. Meanwhile, A Level teachers have academic backgrounds in their subjects, always keeping up with research findings.

Bespoke Support

Support that is consistent, meaningful and bespoke helps define the Brock brand. Student feedback regularly praises subject teachers for their patience and approachability, stating that no learner is left behind. You will also benefit from a Tutorial programme led by your Academic Tutor, who will be your guide and advocate throughout your college education. Then there is our Student Services team, who are always on-hand to assist you with day-to-day practical issues.

Widest range of subjects

You can select from the widest range of courses available locally, whether it be A Level, A Level Equivalent or Vocational. With A Levels and A Level Equivalents, this means you can opt to create a diverse or complementary Study Programme combination that is an exact fit for your interests and ambitions. When you add our wide range of Enrichment and/or Academy opportunities to the mix, you will access an even broader overall learning experience.

First class facilities

You will have access to industry-standard learning facilities that provide an authentic taste of the working environment in your chosen field. Examples include a fine-dining restaurant for hospitality students, a professional-grade recording studio for musicians, a marine engine workshop for aspiring marine mechanics, and a well-equipped gym and fitness studio for athletes and Sport & Exercise learners. Every student also has access to industry-level computer hardware and software.

Mature & diverse community

Our main campus is much more like a university than a school’s sixth form. This means there is a culture of diversity, independence, personal responsibility and an element of self-directed learning. As a result, you will obtain a mature outlook and attitude that will benefit every aspect of your life. Feedback from past students indicates that this culture makes Brock a useful stepping-stone to both Higher Education and quality lifelong learning.

Widest choice of Enrichments

We give you the widest choice of Enrichment options available locally. This means you will be able to develop your wider knowledge and skills in areas of personal interest. Your Enrichments will form part of your overarching Study Programme, with each one representing a prime opportunity to grow as a person in the company of likeminded people who share your interests.

High-quality progression support

From day one we work with you to focus on what you want to do after college. For example, you will investigate a range of different opportunities through our Next Steps programme. Plus, you can benefit from informal initiatives such as networking with employers, meeting invited industry speakers, and posing questions to university representatives. We also hold the prestigious Quality in Careers Standard (QCS) for our careers information, advice and guidance. This is evidence that our Careers Leader has the highest level of expertise.

Picturesque location

Academic research shows that people learn well in a peaceful environment that contains positive stimuli from the natural world. This makes Brock’s serene and picturesque location an ideal setting for focussing on your studies and ultimately achieving your goals. It is a place to think, learn, explore and discover – well away from noise and unwelcome distractions. Having said that, if you need to use retail services, Brockenhurst village is just a five-minute walk away.

Extensive transport links

Our transport network means you can always get to and from college with relative ease. Special college bus services cover our entire catchment area, and you can use public buses as well. Meanwhile, Brockenhurst is a major stop on the Weymouth to Waterloo train line. This enables students from both Bournemouth and Southampton areas to travel to college in around 20 minutes. Also, travel concessions and travel bursaries can help make commuting more affordable.

High-speed Wi-Fi

The College has invested heavily in upgrading our Wi-Fi network to give everyone even more bandwidth. This guarantees reliable interaction and speedy downloads for busy people on the move. And the benefits are clear… You should never find yourself out of the loop, either on a personal level or during your studies.

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