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At Brock we have a proud history of strong exam performances and good grades across the STEM subjects, largely due to the additional learning opportunities presented by our STEM Academy.

In fact, almost 52% of our students have progressed to Russell Group universities in recent years.

As a STEM Academy student we will expect you to participate in a STEM related Enrichment programme and attend at least one STEM trip each year.

You can apply to join our STEM Academy during your enrolment appointment.

What are the advantages?

The STEM Academy is designed to provide extra support for students studying science, technology, engineering and maths subjects, and to promote high achievement.

As a STEM Academy member you will benefit from enhanced exam preparation, more mentoring, and the choice of additional tasks specific to your interests and intended career path.

You can also draw on STEM Academy expertise and resources to complete a STEM-based Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is equivalent to one AS Level in terms of UCAS points.

If you are considering a career in the sciences, engineering, medicine, veterinary science, or any other STEM-related area, you will undoubtedly benefit from our STEM Academy initiative.


Extra opportunities

Being part of our STEM Academy means you will have opportunities to participate in extra activities including competitions, trips and engaging with talks by visiting speakers.

Here are some examples of recent opportunities:

  • British Science Week with a range of visiting speakers.
  • Community volunteer programme for prospective medics and vets.
  • Educational trips to Iceland, Switzerland (CERN) and elsewhere.
  • Vets and Medics Enrichment.
  • Robotics Enrichment.
  • Subject conferences.
  • Physics and Biology Challenges and Olympiads.
  • Support with special papers like BMAT, MAT and STEP.
  • UK Senior Maths Challenges (Individual and Team) and Olympiad.
  • University of Southampton Ambassadors programme.

The Greenwood Bursary

The Greenwood Bursary funds university tuition fees for a Brock student who has excelled in STEM subjects and faces financial hardship. This bursary funds three years of a full degree course for a student who has selected a BA or BSc degree programme in a STEM subject.

The Greenwood Bursary may only be awarded to one student a year and was established in 2018 by retired Lyndhurst couple, John and Marion Greenwood, who together have backgrounds in engineering and education.

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If you can not find the information you are looking for or would like to talk to a member of our team, you can contact us through the following options:

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