Our Enrichment programme gives you the opportunity to try something new or develop an interest alongside your main studies.

Whether you want to meet new people, improve skills to support your UCAS application or just have fun, we have an activity to suit you.

There are two types of Enrichment course: Curricular and Extra-Curricular. Curricular Enrichments are linked to your course and your lecturers will invite you to these. Extra-curricular Enrichments run for 6 weeks and give you access to a wide range of courses.

Some of the courses are online, others face to face. Every student is encouraged to take up one Enrichment course, which you will be able to select at enrolment.

Enrichment options

3D Printing

This brand new six-week enrichment aims to introduce you to the unlimited world of 3D printing. You will learn how to design a 3D object using Tinkercad, transfer it to another software programme to prepare it for printing and then print it in resin using 3D printers. This interesting and exciting course is open to anyone who would like to try their hand at designing something new.

5 A Side Football

Indoor football matchAll levels of ability are welcome to this incredibly popular Enrichment. You will have the opportunity to play for fun or competitively on our superb AstroTurf. Improve your speed, agility, teamwork, cooperation, ball skills and tactical play, meet new people and receive top class coaching from our specialist football coaches.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe logosAdobe After Effects is one of the industry-standard tools to create a wide variety of professional visual graphics. You will get an overview of the workspaces in the software followed by a range of practical projects to follow along with. These include how to use ‘green-screen’ effects to add monsters to your phone footage; using motion-tracking to embed text inside of your footage and creating professional motion graphic backgrounds for Instagram posts.

Adobe Audition

Adobe logosAdobe Audition gives a huge insight into audio recording, mixing, editing and mastering. Used by both beginners and top industry professionals, the software has a range of features that can take your audio to the next level. Perhaps you’re interested in sound for film, soundtracks for games or even band recording, this software can do it all.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe logosThis is a series of workshops on how to use Adobe Illustrator for creative purposes; for designing vector illustrations, landscapes, characters, icons, logos and emojis. In this enrichment, you will learn how to get the most out of this dynamic software.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe logosThis is a series of workshops on how to use Adobe Photoshop for creative purposes; from cleaning up images, creating digital collages, illustrating vectors, pattern making, making gifs and more. Learn how to get the most out of this dynamic software to help you make posters and illustrations.

American Football

The American Football enrichment is a great way to get fit, meet new people with similar interests and develop new or existing skills. You will receive coaching in skills and strategies from our top coach and can join no matter what level you are at, with no previous experience necessary. American Football is also a great opportunity to add skills such as teamwork to your CV.


This group is all about giving you opportunities to learn about and support amnesty initiatives. Our group is affiliated with Amnesty International and has the power to vote for board members and vote on important resolutions that determine the organisation’s direction. As a member you will investigate and engage with cases that have moved you the most. You will also hear from visiting speakers about their work promoting human rights around the world.

An Introduction to Sign Language

This Enrichment brings you the exciting opportunity to learn basic sign language skills using BSL. A positive group developing communication skills which will help from personal, community and employment perspectives. This will look great on both your UCAS application and CV due to its diverse opportunities for application. Furthermore, it will give you a life skill that will allow you to communicate on another level.


2D Stop Frame Animation is a creative platform for advertising, film, cartoons, gifs and online products such as cards. Learn how to use your phone, iPad or Android devices to develop new skills. Use your kit to make random objects and drawings come to life as a sequence of moving images. You will be drawing for elements of this course, so please have paper, pens and items such as paints, inks, felt tips to hand.


Archery is a fun and exciting opportunity to hit your inner target. An outdoor sport that will develop your technical skills and mindset in order to succeed at this challenging discipline. You will meet new people, develop yourself physically and mentally under expert tuition from our dedicated high-class coach.


Person cleaning bricks in bowl of waterCome and gain hands-on experience in how archaeologists discover, analyse and interpret the lives of humans from the past. This Enrichment encompasses logic, science and imagination, and is open to anyone, not just people studying related subjects. Archaeology represents a unique stepping-stone between the arts and the sciences. And because it is all about human behaviour, it will give you skills, knowledge and insights that you can transfer to other areas of your learning.

Artificial Intelligence

You can gain an introduction and start exploring some of the most important concepts related to artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, you will have the opportunity to build your own neural network using the Python programming language. Together we will also look at some of the wider implications of the use of AI in society, making projections about our future based on numerical and anecdotal evidence. You will get the most out of this Enrichment option if you are doing A Level Maths and/or Computing.


Shuttlecock and racketImprove your speed, coordination and agility in the comfort of an indoor sporting environment playing badminton either socially or competitively depending on your area of interest. This is a superb opportunity to keep fit, make new friends, progress your court skills coached by our sports staff here at Brock. Whether you are new to badminton or an accomplished player, you will be welcomed to this enrichment.

Basketball Club

Basketball Club is for students who would like to have some fun outside of lessons each week. This enrichment will be based around developing skills and understanding of the sport through match play, with all ability levels welcome. It is a great opportunity to build friendships in a positive environment with the opportunity to progress to the academy basketball sessions, where you could have the chance to represent the College.


Blender is a dynamic and powerful 3D modelling software that is used across many industries from game design, animation, architecture, and filmmaking to create original characters, objects and environments. Learn how to navigate the software, create mesh models, adjust the textures and add lighting to render a simple house, a spaceship, a forest and a simple fantasy creature all in one short beginner’s course.

Brock Studio Sessions

VinylYou can enjoy high-quality studio time at our industry-level recording facilities by selecting this Enrichment opportunity. Our Music Technology experts will be on-hand to give you all the help and advice you need to expand your production know-how and lay down your artistic visions as polished studio tracks. If you write, arrange and/or perform music, then you will undoubtedly benefit from this chance to expand your studio knowledge and skills while creating original recorded entertainment for your portfolio.


Brock2Kenya is a programme leading up to a 10-day volunteering trip in June/July 2022. The weekly sessions will prepare you with project work, travel information (including vaccinations needed), cultural knowledge and you will fundraise and collect donations to distribute in Kenya. We support local projects in Nakuru, working at various schools and nurseries for orphaned street children who live in deprived areas. In Kenya, you will be involved in the daily feeding program, classroom activities, teaching, games and activities for ages 3-16. You will also go on safari, to the equator, the rift valley and elephant and giraffe sanctuaries. This is an amazing and life-changing opportunity to support the children and the college’s work in the projects. Costs will total approximately £2100.

Cabin Crew

View from airplane windowCabin Crew brings you the exciting opportunity to learn more about this line of employment, from what the role entails to getting into the industry itself. This is open to all learners no matter what your course of study, so if you are interested in the aviation industry this is the course for you.

Cinematography Bootcamp

Close up of camera lenseLeading on from the Film Making Bootcamp enrichment, this course will comprise of a series of workshops designed to develop your understanding of cinematic practices; we will explore the use of lights, lenses and movement as a storytelling device. We will also learn about real life on-set roles and responsibilities and assuming those roles in ‘mock-up’ scenes. This course is designed to help you train your eye, improve your filmmaking techniques and provide you with an insight into industry practices from planning to production.

Classical Theatre

Classical Theatre will see you audition and join the cast of the College’s classical touring play. Following rehearsals you will take the show on the road, performing to pupils at local schools. This experience is designed to give you the enjoyment of studying a new work, the chance to meet and work alongside like-minded people, and the thrill of live stage performance.

College Newspaper

If you are a skilled writer and want the experience of working as a reporter to enhance your CV and UCAS application, or as the first step a journalistic career, then this is the opportunity for you. You will learn about news formulas, structure, editing, production and important aspects of media law. If being a reporter is not your thing, then maybe you could engage with this opportunity as a budding columnist, crafting arguments with which readers may agree or strongly disagree.

Colouring for Calm

Close up of colouring pencils

You can chill out, take time off, and find yourself the right headspace to improve your focus, reduce stress and improve your mindfulness by engaging with this opportunity. Colouring for Calm is run by staff who are there to support your emotional wellbeing. They will ensure you can enjoy a peaceful environment where you can indulge in therapeutic colouring and create beautiful works.

Comic Book Café

Comic Book Café is a weekly hub for students who enjoy reading, creating and discussing comics. Each week students will have opportunities to bring in and swap comics with each other and talk about their favourite superheroes or comic books, with the end goal being to create their own dynamic superhero team just like The Avengers, The Justice League and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. So bring your best one-liner and suit-up!

Commercial Dance

Dancers in hallThis Enrichment is an exciting course during which you will learn dynamic choreography and perform Commercial dance. No matter your level of ability and experience our dance enrichment is open to everyone. This course is energetic, vibrant and brings you the opportunity to develop your skills, get fit and meet new people

Community Engagement

Group discussion around tableThis enrichment brings learners a wonderful opportunity to develop their community skills, communication and teamwork. As a group you will work together and support the local nursery’s nativity play on site at college. This looks great on your CV and UCAS application and gives you the opportunity to make to most of your creative flair and community spirit.

Contemporary Dance

Dancers in hallThis Enrichment is an exciting course during which you will learn dynamic choreography and perform Contemporary dance. No matter your level of ability and experience our dance enrichment is open to everyone. This course is energetic, vibrant and brings you the opportunity to develop your skills, get fit and meet new people.

Cooking on a Budget

Whether you want to prep for university life, living independently or just like cooking then this is for you! Our very own Hard Brock Café staff will take you on a six-week culinary journey on a budget. Based in our on site kitchen you will cook a different meal from scratch each week. It does not matter what your cooking experience is, ALL students are welcome!

Creative Writing

If you love to write or would just like to try your hand at writing, then come along and discover the endless possibilities of creative writing. Together we will learn about and discuss a multitude of styles and techniques, which you can then emulate, develop, adapt, interweave, or anything you like, to create original literary works. Budding novelists, poets, scriptwriters and journalists will all have the opportunity to bring work along to share with likeminded group members and obtain useful feedback. You can also enter your work in both internal and external competitions.

Cruise Industry

This enrichment brings you the exciting opportunity to learn more about this line of employment, from what the role entails to getting into the industry itself. This is open to all learners no matter what your course of study, so if you are interested in the cruise industry this is the course for you.

Driving Theory

This is an online course that will help you to prepare for your driving theory test by covering information on the main components of the test. These include hazard awareness, safety margins, rules of the road, road signs, motorway driving, vehicle loading, incidents, accidents and emergencies. The course will also include plenty of practice questions and mini quizzes to help you to prepare fully for the test.

Editing Theory and Adobe Premiere

Adobe logosThis is an introductory examination of the history of moving image editing styles. You will be introduced to films and filmmakers that developed the art of film editing and a range of creative processes. This will be followed by introductory tasks to Adobe premiere pro timeline video editing where you can attempt to recreate some of the imaginative styles and narrative structures.

Employability 1

This course is suitable for students of Foundation/Level 1, Level 2 and will cover all aspects of how to improve your employability prospects.  Getting a job whether it be part-time or full-time has never been more competitive. This course will not only give you the skills but also the confidence knowing you have produced the best application you can and will be ready for any interviews. In the course we will look at and identify your personal skills, create your personal statement, produce your CV and covering letter and practice your interview technique. At the end of the course, you will get the opportunity to meet employers and recruiters to practice your networking skills and hear the very latest news on what’s happening in the world of work and the current opportunities in the local labour/job market.

Employability 2

This course is suitable for students of Vocational and Level 3 courses and will cover all aspects of how to improve your employability prospects. Getting a job whether it be part-time or full-time has never been more competitive. Your next steps after college might not be directly into employment but onto an apprenticeship or university, but gaining the confidence and skills now will ensure when you make that job application you will be ready. We also know many university students want to have some part-time work to help support their living costs while studying at university. This course will take a workshop format and enable you to analyse your personal skills and talents, create your personal statement, produce your CV and covering letter, look at application techniques and job analysis and practice your interview technique. At the end of the course, you will get the opportunity to meet employers and recruiters to practice your networking skills and hear the very latest on what’s happening in the world of work and the current opportunities in the local labour/job market.

Film Club

Film club will introduce you to the rich world of film, from Hollywood cinema to European cinema to Art cinema. We will discuss some of the key genres and what is expected from their characteristics. Then we will compliment this knowledge with suggested film screenings and director studies. You will be able to critically analyse films and discuss film in the context of history.

Film Making Bootcamp

A six-week introduction into the fundamental techniques of film making from understanding the safe practice and use of kit, learning the key aspects of recording high quality sound, purposeful camera movement, focal length and lenses and their impact on the image and basic lighting techniques. This course is specifically designed to give you the best start in becoming a well-rounded practitioner in the College and industry.

Forces and Services

This enrichment brings you the exciting opportunity to learn more about this line of employment, from what the role entails to getting into the industry itself. This is open to all learners no matter what your course of study, so if you are interested in the services this is the course for you.

Freelance in the Creative Industries

Freelancing or starting up your own business is a viable progression route for those in the creative arts and can be extremely lucrative. This six-week course will outline the stages of setting up your own business and the things you need to consider and research along the way. We will look at different business models, tax implications, how to reach clients as well as getting you to creatively market your business through digital marketing to increase your reach of clients.

French Cinema Club

Explore French culture as we watch some landmark films together and develop your listening skills, vocabulary, intonation and pronunciation at the same time. Catch a glimpse of France that you won’t find in your textbook as we look at films from the 1950s right through to the 2010s. Discover some key French actors and directors and take the opportunity to delve deeper into our A-level themes and topics through this very enjoyable media form.

Indoor Hockey

Indoor Hockey is a fun sport with simple rules and is open to everyone. The game will be played safely with plastic sticks and a rubber puck and no previous hockey experience is required. Played in the Sports Hall, two teams play against each other and the team that scores the most goals will win. This is an opportunity to get some exercise and have a short break from your academics whilst at college.

Jazz Dance

Dancers in hallThis Enrichment is an exciting course during which you will learn dynamic choreography and perform Jazz dance. No matter your level of ability and experience our dance enrichment is open to everyone. This course is energetic, vibrant and brings you the opportunity to develop your skills, get fit and meet new people.


Red curtain across stageCome and have fun learning a variety of performance skills that will help you develop as an all-round performer and prepare you for auditions. Styles include straight and comedic acting, plus stage fighting and basic movement to music. Throughout the programme you will develop script extracts either as a monologue or duologue, focusing on vocal skills, characterisation and direction.

Lego and Games

Lego and games is a six-week course where students can come along and relax, build lego or play board games. A chilled environment where you can sit solo or meet new people with similar interests to chat or find some calm.


LGBTQ+ provides a safe space to meet new friends, chat and receive support. Every year we run different events and make new things happen. For example, the LGBTQ+ Tea Party and the introduction of gender-neutral toilets were two recent initiatives put forward by us.

Life Drawing

This six-week course will enable you to develop your drawing skills through the study of anatomy and the human figure (nude). You will produce a series of large-scale drawings working directly from a model and exploring a variety of materials and approach. Work produced can be added to A level projects where appropriate and is highly valued when included in an interview portfolio for any art and design specialism (particularly Animation, Fashion, Fine Art and Architecture).


This is an introduction to the mass media industry. We will start with introduction and analysis of interesting shows and media products with a focus on popular TV, film, internet and gaming industries. This will be followed by creative tasks such as product planning and scriptwriting in fun, introductory workshops.

Mental Health First Aid Training Mondays

Student debate taking placeFirst Aid for Mental Health is a forward-thinking enrichment course that will help you learn about common mental health conditions and equip you with the skills and knowledge to have supportive conversations with people and to signpost them to the right help. It is a Level 2 qualification and will be a fantastic addition to your CV, whatever you plan for the future. The course will be very practical and although we will be covering sensitive topics we will also have fun activities.


Mindfulness is a programme of sessions designed to help to improve mental wellbeing by being able to pay more attention to the present moment, rather than constantly being caught up in our own thoughts and worries. You will be able to participate in a variety of different techniques and activities aimed at helping to reduce stress and anxiety such as breathing exercises and mindful colouring.


This is an opportunity to contribute to playing, designing and creating a collaborative project, which will be decided as a group during the first session. You will then work on constructing the project throughout the duration of the course, all whilst having fun. As an educational game, Minecraft can give you a range of skills to add to your CV: creativity, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management and even geometry skills.

Music Ensemble

This Enrichment has been designed for all instrumentalists, with content tailored around genres that best suit specific instruments. Historically we have had a string quartet, brass ensemble and wind band with percussion, exploring everything from classical music to jazz. Throughout the year you will perform in the Performing Arts Academy Showcase, giving you more evidence of performance musicianship for your growing CV.

Musical Theatre

Every year we present a musical production that electrifies audiences and inspires performers to seek their next big stage opportunity. Acting, singing and dancing are the three core performance skills that bring a musical production to life, and if you have something to offer, we will certainly welcome you aboard. Musical Theatre is also an opportunity for budding directors, lighting designers, costume designers, set designers and logistics people to shine.

Music Theory

If you want to improve your music reading skills, or your knowledge of how pieces are composed, Music Theory will be a useful Enrichment for you. This extra learning opportunity is an ideal way to build your theoretical knowledge as a musician or music technician. You can choose to take ABRSM grades in Music Theory, but this is not compulsory. Indeed, the main objective is to enjoy yourself among likeminded people.

Open gym

Close up of running shoesThroughout the academic year you are welcome to join this enrichment which will give you six weeks open access to the gym during your enrichment slot supported and guided by our superb sports team to reach your potential. Whether you are looking for an introductory plan or are a fitness fanatic, this enrichment will help you reach your goals.


Supercharge your digital photography skills. This Photography enrichment will introduce you to the most important functions and fun techniques of digital photography and a digital camera. Lots of people have digital cameras but few know how to use them. This course will teach you how to operate the basic features of your digital camera, and how to catch what your eye sees to produce better pictures.

Politics in Action

If you are a political animal who wants to know more about the powers of the Prime Minister, the role of the Queen, and the different departments and branches of government, then you can find the answers right here. You can also explore how elections are won and lost, how laws are made, and importantly, the extremes and nuances of the political spectrum. You will concentrate on politics in Britain and use topical examples to demonstrate the work of government, so you will need to keep up with current affairs.


Graphic of woman with youtube logo, musical notes, coins etcThis six-week course will show you how to make an art portfolio for college or university. It is designed for those applying for an Art foundation course, or an art-related degree. The course explores requirements for an art portfolio and will allow you to plan your portfolio and adapt it to your chosen courses. You will have the opportunity to select, photograph and organise work and present it in a portfolio or e-portfolio.


Graphic of man screaming

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind that helps us understand ourselves, others and the world in which we live. It is a subject that draws on your transferable skills and adds colour to your growing CV of achievements and interests. If you would like to explore the deepest recesses of the human psyche (and also the not so deep), come and join the Psychology Enrichment.

Recreation Netball

Aspiring to be an England Rose, a Super League star or enjoy netball for fun? Come and make the most of our superb coaches on this enrichment. Teamwork, focus, communication and strategy are all key skills that you can take away from this 6-week course in addition to developing your ball skills, speed and agility on the court in both defense and attack. All levels welcome.


Robotics is a prime opportunity to develop your science, engineering and teamwork skills by designing, building and programming a fully autonomous robot. Your robot will compete against other robots from schools and colleges across the UK and Europe in an exhilarating and gruelling two-day competition. The programme will be organised by University of Southampton undergraduates, who will support you at college throughout the six-month design, test and development stage.

Shakespeare on Film

Person in spotlight on stageShakespeare on Film will explore a number of different adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays in order to explore how directors and theatre companies have adapted characters and ideas to make powerful political or social comments. We will consider the impact of gender blind casting, colour blind casting and geographical setting upon the key themes and the associated impact upon the audience. A range of plays embracing both comedies and tragedies will be examined and discussed.


Figurines singing in a choirCome and be part of a lively choir that sings a range of songs including hits from contemporary music and musical productions. Importantly, this opportunity is suitable for singers of all levels. The singing enrichment is your chance to enjoy being part of a group, to perform with others, and simply delve into the musical universe for pure enjoyment.

Sound Studio Equipment Skills

This enrichment consists of a series of online sessions detailing the equipment we have here in the Sound Studios at Brockenhurst College. From the X32 sound desk to mics and recording equipment, this is a great introduction. Whether you are studying Music Technology, are a Music student, wish to get involved in supporting Brock Studio sessions as part of the tech crew or are interested in gaining a greater understanding, this online course is open to all to complete at a time that suits you.

Strength & Conditioning / Crossfit

Close up of running shoesStrength and Conditioning / Crossfit covers a mixture of lifting techniques for the gym environment. Within the sessions, there will be opportunities to work on specific techniques along with tailormade HITT workouts to test the general fitness levels of participants. Whether you are a seasoned fitness fanatic or just starting out, all abilities are welcome to the sessions. This is a great way to get fit, meet other like-minded students and work off some academic stress.

Student Union

Our Students’ Union (SU) is your chance to get involved with decision-making at the College and bring about positive change. The SU meets every week to champion the student voice. It organises and runs Student Parliaments and takes suggestions and queries forward to the College’s Senior Management Team. There are several SU committees, with remits including Education, Health & Welfare, Events and the Environment. Executive SU members also initiate charitable fundraising drives and organise student events.

Studio Photography Induction

Close up of camera lenseThe Photography studio induction course is primarily aimed at A Level Photography students but can also be taken by other creative A Level or vocational students. The course is a fundamental guide to the steps you need to take when using the Photographic studio, along with the equipment you need to know how to use to get you started. You cannot use the photographic studio without doing this enrichment or alternatively having an induction with your Photography teacher. After completing this course, you can book the studio with our technician Toby Cunningham who will do a studio-based practical knowledge assessment with you.


Leaf on top of wood

Now more than ever the population is aware of the impact we are having on our environment, which is why we run this Enrichment programme called Sustainability. Sustainability is run by the Students’ Union President alongside staff who are trained in the subject area. The group’s goal is to bring about positive change on campus and also consider wider innovations for sustainability in society.

Technical Theatre

Stage with spotlights

Technical Theatre gives you the opportunity to gain training across all the disciplines associated with using technology in performance settings.  You will engage in a range of hands-on learning initiatives that will see you programme and operate lights, operate sound equipment and much more besides. Through this Enrichment you can work on college productions alongside our A Level Production Arts students.


Tennis is a great game for maintaining fitness levels and you will get to meet like-minded individuals with similar interests as you during your time at the College. This enrichment will include some challenges and competitive games, as well as being played just for fun. All equipment will be provided by the College for you to use.


Develop your skills in textiles so you can express yourself with even more originality and creative flair. You will learn a variety of textile techniques in a practical workshop environment. Learn how to create new fabrics through felt making, weaving, stitching and dyeing. More advanced techniques can be introduced for students already studying creative subjects or tailored to meet existing projects in art and media subjects.

The Hive

Leaf on top of woodThe Hive is a six-week course that meets weekly in the Garden. Students will manage the garden to increase biodiversity and plant fruit, vegetables and herbs to be cooked on the campfire. This is an opportunity for you to relax outdoors and gain hands-on experience of managing spaces sustainably and enjoy some bush-craft activities.

Touch typing

Touch typing is one of the most useful skills there is to have and has many benefits including dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes you to type something, improving accuracy, reducing both mental and physical fatigue compared with other, less effective, methods and enhancing your job prospects in a competitive job market. Touch Typing enrichment will give you the time and the support to master this invaluable skill.

Vets and Medics

Vets and Medics is a programme of weekly meetings that runs throughout the academic year. It is vital for students who are thinking of applying to study Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Dentistry. Expert advice will be provided on how to make a successful application to your first-choice university and you will have support with personal statements, interviews and admissions examinations. Each week you will discuss topical issues such as the four pillars of ethics, NHS core values, communication and modern advancements in medicine.

Walking for Wellbeing

Leaf on top of woodCome and make the most of the incredible New Forest which surrounds the college on our walks for wellbeing. These are lead by our Health and Wellbeing specialist Christina, who will support you throughout this six-week course. Not only is this a wonderfully calming opportunity, you will also meet new and likeminded individuals from across the college.

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wellbeing Wednesdays will give you opportunities to learn about mental health and wellbeing in a fun environment whilst also making connections with other students. You will learn skills that will help you during your time at college and beyond, to look after your wellbeing and also that of your friends, family or those you work with. Having the wellbeing course on your CV will make you stand out, as both universities and workplaces are in need of people with this knowledge to train as Mental Health First Aider’s. This enrichment will be a great add on to your course and there is a natural progression route with the Mental Health First Aid Monday course.


This course is suitable for beginners as well as those who already have some experience, as you will be able to work at your own level. It is based mainly on Hatha yoga, but does also include elements of other techniques. The exercises help to improve core strength, flexibility and balance. The sessions also include a guided meditation which helps to reduce stress and tension. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own mat if you have one.

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