Our Enrichment programme gives you the opportunity to try something new or develop an interest alongside your main studies.

Whether you want to have fun, pursue a hobby, or gain extra evidence of success to support your UCAS application, we have an activity to suit you.

Enrichment is one of the most popular aspects of college life, and gives you the chance to meet and work with likeminded people.

As a result you can take a well-earned break from your formal studies and divert some of your energy to a more therapeutic endeavour.

We recommend you engage with at least one Enrichment, because our evidence shows that taking a creative break can help relieve any tension and improve your focus overall.

Enrichment options

Adobe Graphics

You will use Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects to create an industry-level video sequence that you can add to your portfolio of work to evidence your skills. Each week we will introduce you to a new key skill to help you create your final sequence. This learning format will give you plenty of time to develop and polish your skills between sessions.


This group is all about giving you opportunities to learn about and support amnesty initiatives. Our group is affiliated with Amnesty International and has the power to vote for board members and vote on important resolutions that determine the organisation’s direction. As a member you in investigate and engage with cases that have moved you the most. You will also hear from visiting speakers about their work promoting human rights around the world.


Animation has become an increasingly important media form. Outstanding examples can be seen on platforms as diverse as advertising, feature films, mobile phone content, the internet, television and computer games. Quality animation relies on people having innovative and dynamic ideas, and that is exactly what we will encourage. You will work on design, character, setting and narrative, among many other things. In particular, this Enrichment aims to develop your skills in creating 2D and 3D animations using both traditional and digital techniques.


Come and gain hands-on experience in how archaeologists discover, analyse and interpret the lives of humans from the past. This Enrichment encompasses logic, science and imagination, and is open to anyone, not just people studying related subjects. Archaeology represents a unique stepping-stone between the arts and the sciences. And because it is all about human behaviour, it will give you skills, knowledge and insights that you can transfer to other areas of your learning.

Artificial Intelligence

You can gain an introduction and start exploring some of the most important concepts related to artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, you will have the opportunity to build your own neural network using the Python programming language. Together we will also look at some of the wider implications of the use of AI in society, making projections about our future based on numerical and anecdotal evidence. You will get the most out of this Enrichment option if you are doing A Level Maths and/or Computing.


Brock2Kenya is a life-changing opportunity to support our link projects in Africa, both for you and the children you will help. You will enhance your CV and UCAS application, build your skills, take part in activities linked to your studies, fundraise to finance your trip, and ultimately make a sustainable difference to young lives. Educational activities you will provide for the children at the projects include lessons in reading, spelling, maths, science, games, sports, music, feeding, welfare, guidance, and basic health. The trip also includes cultural and environmental experiences, such as a safari adventure and an elephant sanctuary visit.

Brock Studio Sessions

VinylYou can enjoy high-quality studio time at our industry-level recording facilities by selecting this Enrichment opportunity. Our Music Technology experts will be on-hand to give you all the help and advice you need to expand your production know-how and lay down your artistic visions as polished studio tracks. If you write, arrange and/or perform music, then you will undoubtedly benefit from this chance to expand your studio knowledge and skills while creating original recorded entertainment for your portfolio.

3D Art & Design

If you would like to have fun learning how to make 3D sculpture, then this Enrichment will introduce you to a variety of techniques you can then take forward. You will gain a solid understanding of the 3D design process, including how to develop your idea and the processes involved in producing your finished item.

Christian Union

This is a vibrant and friendly group for people of faith and people interested in faith. Naturally, we pray and study the Bible together. However, we also discuss meaning and different interpretations, and ask ourselves searching questions about morality and the divine. Oh, and we play games and eat food…

Classical Production

Classical Production will see you audition and join the cast of the College’s classical touring play. Following rehearsals you will take the show on the road, performing to pupils at local schools. This experience is designed to give you the enjoyment of studying a new work, the chance to meet and work alongside likeminded people, and the thrill of live stage performance.

College Newspaper

If you are a skilled writer and want the experience of working as a reporter to enhance your CV and UCAS application, or as the first step a journalistic career, then this is the opportunity for you. You will learn about news formulas, structure, editing, production and important aspects of media law. If being a reporter is not your thing, then maybe you could engage with this opportunity as a budding columnist, crafting arguments with which readers may agree or strongly disagree.

Colouring for Calm

Close up of colouring pencils

You can chill out, take time off, and find yourself the right headspace to improve your focus, reduce stress and improve your mindfulness by engaging with this opportunity. Colouring for Calm is run by staff who are there to support your emotional wellbeing. They will ensure you can enjoy a peaceful environment where you can indulge in therapeutic colouring and create beautiful works.

Comic Book Café

This Enrichment is your opportunity to meet likeminded comic fans and talk about everything from artistic styles to themes and, of course, who is the best villain… We discuss anime, pop culture, sci-fi, superhero – no genre is off limits. You can even work with others to create your own comic universe with original characters and storylines that you as a comic fan would like to read.


Figurines singing in a choir

Come and be part of a lively choir that sings a range of songs including hits from contemporary music and musical productions. Importantly, this opportunity is suitable for singers of all levels. Choir is your chance to enjoy being part of a singing group, to perform with others, and simply delve into the musical universe for pure enjoyment.

Creative Writing

If you love to write or would just like to try your hand at writing, then come along and discover the endless possibilities of creative writing. Together we will learn about and discuss a multitude of styles and techniques, which you can then emulate, develop, adapt, interweave, or anything you like, to create original literary works. Budding novelists, poets, scriptwriters and journalists will all have the opportunity to bring work along to share with likeminded group members and obtain useful feedback. You can also enter your work in both internal and external competitions.


This Enrichment is a prime opportunity to learn about implementing effective cybersecurity measures to protect computer systems and, more importantly, protect people. You will discover more about the malicious threats of today and develop a detailed understanding of the challenges presented by more devices, more users and more sophisticated attacks.

Dance Company

Dance Company is an auditioned company that practises and rehearses for a range of dance performances, giving you the chance to show what you can do and experience even more performance thrills. Past performances have taken place at The Pavilion theatre in Bournemouth, The University of Winchester and Brock Open Events. Having Dance Company on your CV will help you press home your advantage in future auditions, whether for shows or for entry to schools of dance.

Driving Theory

Driving Theory is an extra opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to pass your driving theory test, which is an important step on the way to gaining your full driving licence. By taking part in group quizzes, theory sessions and watching supporting videos, you will build up a framework of knowledge that will strengthen your independent study, hopefully leading to you passing first time.

Film Club

If you are someone who feels captivated by the medium of film, you will not want to miss this opportunity to meet, discuss and socialise with likeminded movie buffs. You can analyse genres, performances, characters, themes, costumes, scripts, special effects, editing, cinematography, soundtracks, and indeed anything else…You can also gossip about upcoming releases, offer scathing criticisms of methods and industry players you dislike, and importantly, make recommendations to your fellow members.

Fitness Class

Close up of running shoes

Fitness Class is one more opportunity to get fit, have fun and meet new people, whatever your fitness level. To keep things interesting, every week will be a different style of exercise, depending on what YOU request. The most important thing to us is that you have fun. In fact, you could even look at the fitness element as a bonus.


Come and have fun learning a variety of performance skills that will help you develop as an all-round performer and prepare you for auditions. Styles include straight and comedic acting, plus stage fighting and basic movement to music. Throughout the programme you will develop script extracts either as a monologue or duologue, focusing on vocal skills, characterisation and direction.

Life Drawing

Life Drawing is your opportunity to explore and express your innate relationship with the human form. Indeed, the visual recording of the human body is something that has fascinated artists and art lovers for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Dedicated and professional tutors will help you study proportion, form and anatomy, and encourage you to adopt experimental approaches.


LGBTQ+ provides a safe space to meet new friends, chat and receive support. Every year we run different events and make new things happen. For example, the LGBTQ+ Tea Party and the introduction of gender-neutral toilets were two recent initiatives put forward by us.


You can further develop your skills and knowledge related to media and film by engaging with this Enrichment opportunity. As a member you can get involved with scriptwriting, filming, editing and sound production, among other things, as an extra layer of support for your Study Programme or purely as a creative outlet.

Medical Matters

Medical Matters is a programme of weekly meetings for students who aspire to work in the medical professions. Each week you will discuss topical issues that are likely to include things like ethics, regulation, access to healthcare, new therapies, research findings and career paths. Importantly, expert advice and guidance will be provided on how to make a successful UCAS application to your first-choice university.

Music Ensemble

This Enrichment has been designed for all instrumentalists, with content tailored around genres that best suit specific instruments. Historically we have had a string quartet, brass ensemble and wind band with percussion, exploring everything from classical music to jazz. Throughout the year you will perform in the Performing Arts Academy Showcase, giving you more evidence of performance musicianship for your growing CV.

Musical Production

Every year we present a musical production that electrifies audiences and inspires performers to seek their next big stage opportunity. Acting, singing and dancing are the three core performance skills that bring a musical production to life, and if you have something to offer, we will certainly welcome you aboard. Musical Production is also an opportunity for budding directors, lighting designers, costume designers, set designers and logistics people to shine.

Music Theory

If you want to improve your music reading skills, or your knowledge of how pieces are composed, Music Theory will be a useful Enrichment for you. This extra learning opportunity is an ideal way to build your theoretical knowledge as a musician or music technician. You can choose to take ABRSM grades in Music Theory, but this is not compulsory. Indeed, the main objective is to enjoy yourself among likeminded people.


You can develop visual and technical skills in photography, helping you express yourself with originality and creative flair, by selecting this Enrichment option. You will learn basic photography techniques and composition skills, as well as how to apply them to your image making. Key elements you will cover include improving your visual skills, using industry software, developing photographic techniques, understanding exposure and lighting, and mastering camera controls.

Podcasting, Radio and Broadcasting

Do you dream of fronting your own podcast or radio show? Well, this Enrichment opportunity could get you off to the ideal start and help you build a portfolio of work that will unlock new broadcasting opportunities. You will learn the ins-and-outs of presenting and producing entertaining and informative audio packages that you can then easily create at home. Weekly sessions with your Enrichment tutor will have you up and running in no time. All you will need otherwise is a microphone and an interface.

Politics For All

If you are a political animal who wants to know more about the powers of the Prime Minister, the role of the Queen, and the different departments and branches of government, then you can find the answers right here. You can also explore how elections are won and lost, how laws are made, and importantly, the extremes and nuances of the political spectrum. You will concentrate on politics in Britain and use topical examples to demonstrate the work of government, so you will need to keep up with current affairs.

Programming 101

Nowadays everyone uses computers to help them think. But not everyone knows how to tell computers to think. This is called programming, and if you understand it, you can make yourself much more attractive to prospective employers. This Enrichment option will give you a decent grounding in programming by teaching you five basic concepts that you can then take forward.


Graphic of man screaming

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind that helps us understand ourselves, others and the world in which we live. It is a subject that draws on your transferable skills and adds colour to your growing CV of achievements and interests. If you would like to explore the deepest recesses of the human psyche (and also the not so deep), come and join the Psychology Enrichment.


Robotics is a prime opportunity to develop your science, engineering and teamwork skills by designing, building and programming a fully autonomous robot. Your robot will compete against other robots from schools and colleges across the UK and Europe in an exhilarating and gruelling two-day competition. The programme will be organised by University of Southampton undergraduates, who will support you at college throughout the six-month design, test and development stage.

Student Union

Our Students’ Union (SU) is your chance to get involved with decision-making at the College and bring about positive change. The SU meets every week to champion the student voice. It organises and runs Student Parliaments and takes suggestions and queries forward to the College’s Senior Management Team. There are several SU committees, with remits including Education, Health & Welfare, Events and the Environment. Executive SU members also initiate charitable fundraising drives and organise student events.


Leaf on top of wood

Now more than ever the population is aware of the impact we are having on our environment, which is why we run this Enrichment programme called Sustainability. Sustainability is run by the Students’ Union President alongside staff who are trained in the subject area. The group’s goal is to bring about positive change on campus and also consider wider innovations for sustainability in society.

Technical Theatre

Stage with spotlights

Technical Theatre gives you the opportunity to gain training across all the disciplines associated with using technology in performance settings.  You will engage in a range of hands-on learning initiatives that will see you programme and operate lights, operate sound equipment and much more besides. Through this Enrichment you can work on college productions alongside our A Level Production Arts students.


This Enrichment is about helping you develop your skills in textiles so you can express yourself with even more originality and creative flair. You will learn basic creative textile techniques in a practical workshop environment. Skills covered will include using a sewing machine, fabric manipulation, feltmaking, weaving and printing & dyeing.


Yoga is a great way to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and core strength.  It is also very good for releasing tension and stress. These Enrichment classes include a warm-up; a variety of yoga postures, stretches and sequences; a cool-down; and a relaxation session. The class is suitable for beginners and those with some previous experience. Importantly, you will be able to work at your own level.

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