Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that the transition from school to College can be a bit daunting, and that there are many questions that you may have.

We’ve put together a selection of frequently asked questions to help put your mind at ease.

If you have any more specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.   01590 6255555

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The application process

Ho do I apply?

Find out about how to apply for Sixth Form courses by clicking the button below.

How to apply


What is the deadline for applying?

We do not have a formal deadline because we are aiming to be as flexible as possible. However, for planning purposes, we would recommend you apply sooner rather than later.

I have forgotten to put something on my application form. What should I do?

If you have forgotten to put something on your application form, then you can ring us on 01590 625555 or email

We will need to know your name and address that you applied with, and what needs to be added into your application.

Since I submitted my application, some of my details have changed. What should I do?

You can log back into the account that you created to submit your application and change your details at any time.

If you require assistance doing this, please call 01590 625555 or email

Can I change my subject choices once I have applied?

Yes, you can. Initially you will be invited to an interview where your course choices will be discussed and you will have the opportunity to change your mind.

You can also change your mind at enrolment once you have received your GCSE results.

If you DO wish to change your courses, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the necessary arrangements.

The email address is

I have applied to the College. When will I hear about an interview?

You should be able to book an interview through the applicant portal. If you are unable to do this, please email the Admissions team and they can arrange it for you. The email address is

I have had my interview and was offered a place by email. Will I get a letter as well?

No. Everything is managed through our online application portal and via email. If you have any concerns, you can contact our admissions team at

I did not take my mocks - will I have to take my exams again in November?

The Department for Education is still finalising details about the way forward, so we are unable to confirm any precise details right now. Teachers are making grade judgements according to the full academic profile of their learners. Mock exam results form part of these judgements but will not make up the full picture.

If I have applied for a Level 3 course, will I be placed onto a Level 2 course if I do not achieve the stated entry requirements?

Generally, yes. We will discuss your options with you at Enrolment when you have received your grades.

Can I take four A Levels and then drop one?

When students begin a course, they are expected to finish it. We do not advise taking four A Levels because the academic demands are so high. There is a big jump up from GCSE to A Level and students often find taking four A Levels overwhelming. Importantly, universities do not demand four A Levels and evidence shows that students make better progress when focusing their time and efforts on three. One option is to complete three A Levels and pursue the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in Year Two, which is equivalent to an AS Level qualification. Universities generally welcome the EPQ because it prepares students well for degree level research.

Can I complete GCSEs alongside A Levels?

This is rare and depends on the circumstances and rationale. If you mean can you combine the two levels because you did not achieve satisfactory GCSE outcomes, then the answer is generally no. However, we do offer GCSE Astronomy alongside the A Level Physics course and GCSE Chinese for native speakers. We would need to explore this in more detail according to your individual circumstances during your Enrolment appointment in August.

I have not received my acceptance letter yet. When will I get this?

This should come through as an email after your interview. If you haven’t received it and can’t see it on the applicant portal, please get it touch with our Admissions department via

Does Brock only accept academically gifted students?

As an inclusive College we welcome students with all abilities. Whatever your level, we will help you achieve your potential.

What should I include on my personal statement?

Your personal statement should tell us a bit more about yourself.

This might include your hobbies and interests, your ambitions for the future and any work experience that you may have done.

Are you still doing a taster day?

Our taster day is called Freshers’ Day and was set for 25 June. Currently we are unsure whether this event will go ahead. If the social distancing restrictions are lifted, we will do our best to arrange Freshers’ Day or a similar event. We will contact you with the details as soon as possible.

When is Enrolment?

Enrolment is from 21 August for approximately a week. You will receive a date and time for your Enrolment appointment at the beginning of July.

If I have selected my Enrichment option(s) already but want to change it, is that ok?

Yes, that is fine. Enrichment options will all be confirmed at Enrolment.

Can I start a course if I have not achieved the entry requirement(s) but can I take the qualifying GCSE(s) in November alongside my programme(s)?

On very rare occasions. In the past, students have been permitted to start a Level 3 course without the requisite GCSE qualifications if their overall profile is very strong. We will support and guide you at Enrolment, so do not worry.

What happens if I do not get the grades I need for my course and chosen career path?

Every student will be invited to an Enrolment appointment at the end of August, when you can talk through your grades and options. We will be able to find a course that is suitable for you, so please do not worry.

Can you do A Levels alongside a Vocational course?

Sometimes. If you mean an A Level and an Extended Diploma (three A Level equivalent), this is rare and unlikely. This is not required by universities and often does not work on our timetable matrix. However, if you mean a non-extended diploma (two A Level equivalent) and one A Level, this can sometimes be possible. We can discuss the possibilities during Enrolment appointments.

Do you have questions about your application, interview or courses?

Please contact the admissions team at

Life at College

How long is the College day?

Each working day at College begins at 9:00am and ends at 4:20pm.

There is a morning break from 10:30 – 10:50 and lunch is from 12:20pm – 1:10pm.

Where can I study outside of lessons?

Our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) occupies two floors and features the following learning assets:

  • Around 16,000 books, 90PCs, 45 laptops and 4 new Macs.
  • Three-hundred study places, offering opportunities for both individual and group study.
  • A stationary shop that sells products more cheaply than leading retail outlets.

Will my parents be informed of my absences?

Yes, when you join, your parents will be given a login for our ‘Parents Portal’ whereby they will be able to check your attendance, progress and have access to your teachers contact information.

You will have a monthly target check which will be displayed as a traffic light system, explaining where your progress is at and what you need to do to be ‘on track’. This will also be emailed to your parents.

Your parents will be able to keep in touch with your teachers throughout the year via phone or email, and will have the chance to meet face-to-face with them at parents evening too.

Will I be told what equipment to bring to college?

Course teams will be able to direct you specifically when you meet them at Enrolment. Other than that, basic stationery and paper will be enough for the first few days of term.

Are students from the Isle of Wight likely to have a four-day week?

We try as much as possible to condense timetables for students who travel a considerable distance to College. This is usually possible to facilitate, but we cannot 100% guarantee it because it depends on the timetable matrix.

How often do I need to attend tutor sessions?

You will need to attend a 20 minute tutor session once a week. This will be built into your timetable.

Can I take time off during term-time?

We take attendance very seriously because we know it is linked directly to your success.

Therefore, we expect 100% attendance and we do not advise taking time out.

What facilities will I have access to?

The College sits within a 35-acre campus in the New Forest National Park.

We offer some of the best equipment and facilities in the region for our students these include:

  •  Hard Brock Café – Our on-site, two-storey social area where you can have lunch, relax in free periods and meet up with friends.
  • Learning Resources Centre – A light and spacious environment for studying with friendly staff, ample books, computers and study spaces.
  • MJ’s Restaurant – Our on-site facility used for equipping prospective chefs, hospitality staff and front-of-house managers with the skills needed to develop an exciting career in this fast-paced industry.
  • Sports facilities – Including artificial turf pitches, a well-equipped gym and sports hall.

Where can I find sport kit?

The Sport department will take care of this when you start. There is nothing to purchase yet.

Do you have to pay to use the gym at the College?

Gym membership is free. You will need to complete an induction and there is a timetable that shows the Gym’s availability. You can arrange your membership and induction at Enrolment.

Travelling to College

Can I received a discount on my travel?

Under certain circumstances you may be eligible for a bursary either from College or your local authority. Please check our travel page for more info.

There is also an installment plan option for annual and termly passes that is of no extra cost.

Is there parking at College?

We have over 300 student parking spaces. You can purchase parking permits from the BrockShop at a cost of £40 a year.

When do I find out about travel?

We will be sending out travel information towards the end of May. We rely on the National Rail network timetable, which is released in the Spring. The most up-to-date travel information can be found here

What travel options are there?

We are easily accessible by train our via our extensive College bus network.

If you can drive, we also offer a College parking permit that allows you to park on campus.

For more info please visit our travel page.

Travel queries?

Go to  for details or contact the team at

If you need information about bursaries or financial support please go to  or contact the team at

Additional support

How will I be supported pastorally?

You will meet with your Personal Tutor once a week to help insure you are happy and performing well in your studies.

Furthermore, you can meet with your Personal Progress Manager at any time to discuss issues or ask questions.

We also have a fully-trained Nurse, Counsellor and Finance Officer on campus to provide assistance should you need it, plus a well-equipped Student Services department.

Find out more about our support services here.

Is there work I can do before I start my course in September?

Yes. We have uploaded work for each course to our website:

Is there good provision for SEN students?

We have over 100 learners that hold an EHCP. Depending on your specific needs, we have a range of highly skilled staff who can answer your questions in depth. Please send any questions by email to and, if necessary, someone will call you to discuss any concerns.

Is there any financial help available?

We provide a free and confidential Financial Support Service to ensure you receive any extra help to which you are entitled.

Bursaries are available to students from lower income to households. Financial support could include:

  • Free meals at College.
  • Up to 50% off the cost of a bus or train pass.
  • Up to 100% support towards the cost of essential course items such as core text books, uniforms, trips, materials fees, DBS checks and applications to university.

Find out more about financial support here.

When can I apply for bursaries?

You can find financial support information at  Furthermore, we will communicate with all applicants over the next couple of months. We must wait for government funding streams to be released before we can get this process running, but we will notify you when we receive confirmation.

Do I need my own laptop/computer?

There is no specific requirement to own or purchase a laptop. Some students can access funding if they and their family are financially disadvantaged. Please follow the following link for further information:

Computers are always available for use in the LRC and, if necessary, you can book these in advance.

Contact Details

01590 625555