Here at Brockenhurst College we attract students from all over the world thanks to our broad international outlook, impressive record of academic success and picturesque location in the New Forest National Park.

Whatever your long-term goals, our staff are committed to providing you with the experience and confi dence you need to develop your knowledge and skills in pursuit of your full potential.

As a Brock student you can enjoy the many different aspects of life at our unique college. These include the friends you will make, the activities in which you will participate and the independence you will gain, as well as the encouragement and support you will receive.

Every year we welcome new students from across the globe and celebrate as others leave us to take their next steps.

Why choose Brock?

Our well-equipped and modern campus in the picturesque New Forest National Park in the south of England is surrounded by ancient woodland and free-roaming animals. We have a proud history of teaching and learning excellence that spans more than 100 years, and we record consistently high exam results in a range of A Level, Vocational and Higher Education courses. We also have a strong international outlook, with 5% of our 2,800 16-19-year-old learners coming from overseas.

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Level 2 Funding

How do we support you?

You will benefit from expert teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of exam requirements. All our teachers are specialists in their subjects and many have professional experience in their subject fields. Importantly, they will strive to inspire and motivate you so you can achieve your full potential.

Host Accommodation

When you arrive in the UK, you will be welcomed into your new home and, importantly, be treated as a member of the family. Homestay accommodation is available to all international students and is organised by the College’s International Office. You will live with a local British host family and gain an authentic insight into British life. All our hosts are selected carefully and their homes are inspected regularly.

Homestay accommodation provides:

  • A traditional, English-speaking home environment.
  • A private, furnished room.
  • Two meals a day and three meals a day during weekends and holidays.
  • Internet access.
  • Travel pass, where applicable.*
  • Laundry opportunities once or twice a week.
  • Proximity to the College based on a commute time of 30 minutes.
  • Very few additional living costs.

We aim to provide a safe and supported experience of living in the UK. Your Homestay host will give you advice about staying healthy and safe while you gradually become more independent. You will be able to call them at any time for support, plus there is a 24-hour College Helpline in case of emergencies. Your Homestay host can also provide reassurance about your progress to your parents.

*Your travel pass is not normally available until after your induction week.

Become a host family Student Handbook Host Handbook

Homestay Principles & Practice

An international student happily shares her notebook with her homestay host, and both are smiling.

2024-25 Annual Accommodation Fees

Zone Area Journey Time 2024 – 25 Fee
Zone A Brockenhurst Up to 15 minutes walking distance £8,800
Zone B Any 15 – 25 minutes £8,400
Zone C Any 30 – 40 minutes £8,000
Zone D Any 45 minutes+ £7,800

Package Fees

Some of our short term programmes of a minimum of one term duration offer a package fee inclusive of tuition, accommodation and travel. Please enquire for more details.

Independent Student Support Fees

All fee paying students staying in accommodation not arranged by Brockenhurst College will be charged an Independent Student Support Fee of £500 per year of study.

A student is in a busy classroom, looking at the camera while smiling.

Transnational Education (TNE)

At Brockenhurst College, we have been involved in international education work since 2004, and are the only UK FE College to be designated by the Chinese government’s Hanban Institute (汉办) with Confucius Classroom (孔子课堂) status.

Our TNE provision is designed to develop partnerships and projects with international institutions to help improve teaching and learning in-country as well as deliver British curriculums in-country.

The College has worked in the Transnational Education (TNE) market since 2005, delivering several different education programmes successfully in the UK and overseas.

Programme information

With our experience and expertise, we offer in-country delivery for A Levels and Vocational courses.

In addition, we are able to offer the following programmes:

  • Bespoke online EFL (English as Foreign Language) and A Level courses.
  • Bespoke Professional Teacher Training programmes.
  • Bespoke Leadership and Management Training programmes.
  • Support and Training on Internal Quality Assurance Systems.
  • Introduction and training on the UK Apprenticeship system.

Course structure & teaching

The course structure and teaching methods vary depending on the programme. Some of our TNE programmes are delivered entirely online (e.g. EFL), while others can be long-term in-country delivery projects (e.g. A-Level/Vocational courses).

Alternatively, courses can be short-term in-country workshops (e.g. Continuous Professional Development) or involve a combination of online delivery and periodic visits by teachers to overseas organisations to provide supplementary teaching and staff development training.

We understand that the needs and demands of students and parents are changing. As a result, we can be flexible and are willing to adopt new cooperation models with our TNE partners.

Why choose Brock for TNE?

We are committed to helping our overseas partner educational organisations to provide support to their students and staff by actively improving their current education and qualification system as well as sharing teaching resources and exchanging innovative teaching ideas.

We are highly committed and have delivered a range of TNE programmes with great success. These include leadership and management shadowing projects, teacher training, EFL and A Level in-country delivery as well as online delivery programmes, quality assurance projects, UK apprenticeship system workshops.

We have successfully worked with many international educational organisations and training providers, please contact us to find out how we can work with you.

Get in touch

If you can not find the information you are looking for or would like to talk to a member of our team, you can contact us through the following options:

Tel: 01590 625555


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