Student Ambassador Reward Scheme

Student Ambassador Reward Scheme

You can build your confidence, gain work experience, grow your CV and earn credits you can spend on campus by becoming a Student Ambassador.

Student Ambassadors fulfil a range of roles including meet-and greet tasks, communicating important information and assisting with logistical challenges.

Most of these opportunities arise at Brock events such as Open Events and charity fundraising initiatives.

However, we will also call on you to manage campus tours for visitors, prospective students and their parents, among other things, during normal college days.

To apply to become a become a Student Ambassador, just email



Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

By representing us at recruitment events such as open days, parental tours and school visits, we aim to improve your confidence in dealing with the general public.

You will learn to work quickly and confidently under pressure, to pass on your subject knowledge and to take pride in your College.

You will be working in a variety of roles to gain new skills which will enhance your CV. We provide all our ambassadors with a personal reference which they may use as part of their UCAS application.




How to become a Student Ambassador


In order to become an Ambassador, you must be a current student at the college.

We will provide full training, financial incentives, individual references and the opportunity to win a prize at our annual Gala Awards.

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