Brian Chui

Brian Chui

I decided to study at Brockenhurst College because of its good reputation. When I started my studies I was very pleased with the quality of my music syllabus in particular. I was also pleased with the pastoral support I received from staff.


Music, Maths, Biology, Chemistry

Where are you now?

Morgensterns, a classical musicians’ agency

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When I was applying to universities I made a sudden decision to apply for Cambridge as well. It was about three days before the deadline, so immediately I had a meeting with Head of STEM, Ann Johnson, who was incredibly supportive and reassuring. She made sure my application was dealt with immediately.

My Music teacher, David Coggins, was also unbelievably supportive. Despite not being my personal tutor, he agreed to write my reference, which he did the same evening as I made my decision. It was a really strong reference, which I felt really made me stand out from the crowd. David also gave me a few mock interview sessions to help me prepare. This in particular made me understand and value the culture of care and support at Brock.

Right now I’m working at a classical musicians’ agency called Morgensterns, which gives me an excellent opportunity to build up my contacts in the classical music business. In the long run I’d love to be part of a professional orchestra’s management team.